Friday, July 1, 2016


I have previously blogged on 'Ms Jones', our wonderfully gifted Standard 5 teacher at the Hawera Main School, who made such an impression on us by making learning fun that we decided to hold regular reunions where we could come together (with Ms Jones) and relive those glory days.

There was Ross who founded and owns the London Festival Orchestra; Ian a top trade official in MFAT; George a diplomat; Judith an outstanding educationist in her own right, William who found learning hard but who made his millions in deer farming ... and then came the rest of us 'also rans'.

Ms Jones was a life long communist from a life long communist family (that will get Redbaiter going).  Her father was jailed for sedition in the 1930s and went on to become General Secretary of the NZ Communist Party until he fell out with his comrades over their support for the Hitler-Stalin pact when he went on to found his own Bolshevik Party (NZ Workers Party) which continues to this day. Margaret was, by any measure, a warm hearted, extremely colourful and generous lady who lived life to the full.   She was engaging in conversation even though she knew very few of us (if any) shared her politics.

Ms Jones died last Saturday 96 years young.   Lindsay Perigo, her nephew and Liberterian, wrote this tribute to his remarkable Aunt here .... well worth reading.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

You were very lucky to have such a good teacher who obviously kept her politics out of the class room.

Anonymous said...

Sad loopy woman. I wonder whether she ever admitted to some of the huge systemic flaws in communism when it all became apparent - gulags, killing fields, starvation - probably not. Anyway, bye dear.

The Veteran said...

Anon 7.21 ... sad, never. Misguided, yes. But she stood up for what she believed in and remained true to herself. What I do know is that she was an inspiring teacher.