Thursday, July 21, 2016


Two unidentified North American men are near the top of the list of candidates for the Nobel Peace Prize.

One it is stated in his summary of support claims his Glock 9mm has been left in his den loaded on his desk and it has not moved or threatened any person for nine weeks and counting.

The second candidate is  a long haul owner driver who has put his  rig on blocks in its secure home base and vowed to leave it there to  reduce alarm and fear amongst  citizens just doing random stuff within the law

Meanwhile it is  rumoured  an Afro American policeman is trying to start a movement with "Hashtag lawful behaviour  matters", my sources are claiming that a rival outfit "Hashtag Kill the Cops" is getting more hits but some police wives and partners (ones they sleep with) are upset and trying to get Twitter to review its policy on harming good people.

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