Wednesday, July 20, 2016


At the Republican convention Trump's trophy wife, a bit of eye candy I must say,  gives a speech.

I would suggest she had no part in creating its content and It would be wrong to believe she was not coached intensively in its delivery.

The daft media including our very own man child have leapt onto the Plagiarism apparent on Michelle Obama's efforts eight years ago.
There are only some ways to repeat what many saw as a masterpiece from Barry's chick so why would not some repetitive quoting not be a good move.
It is not as if good ole boy Billy will be able to follow that line and Hilliarys best friend and Saudi financed bit on the side wont have anything like the appeal to Trumps demographic.

Some suggested that the Clinton Foundation (please do some research on where that is funded from) is out spending Trump many times over but the daft Media give him endless click baits and just watch how many times "Trump" occurs in what pass for "News reports" on any given hour.
Entirely free and repetitive, priceless.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Hell, I've listened to dozens of political party leader election victory speeches and they all say the same thing. (Except when they are delivered by a political moron like Turnbull.)

gravedodger said...

One commentator described the new administration as 'hitting the ground sauntering'.

Is it true that the Aus Fed Parliament will sit for 23 days before they break for xmas?

Katter's price for S & C has no further moves on the CFEMU.

paul scott said...

I looked up Clinton foundation. It says in the bible, that its purpose is to help all the people of the world,especially sometimes, to some children, and towards the New World Order, and interdependence.
They accept funding from big corporations, and the Middle East, Governments, and so on, and do Uranium deals to help the children, and poverty.

That's why we like bread and circuses, and girls with Trump.

David said...

Trump is probably the smartest unelectable man in the room.

He has donated "millions" to his campaign, and then got most of it back by holding events in Trump owned properties. His campaign headquarters is in Trump Tower, and pays a commercial rent.

And Trump doesn’t want to be POTUS, he hasn’t got the stamina ore the attention span, but what he has done is buy the next POTUS at a bargain basement rate, something not even the Koch brothers could dream of achieving.