Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Predator free by whenever???

Serious reductions in populations maybe.

Back in the day there was a call to arms to "GET THE LAST RABBIT". Every district in the lower rainfall areas had a "Rabbit Board" that met once a month usually in a local hotel where a bunch of farmers many of whom had a passion equal to an Israeli General to succeed as like the general, losing the war was the end finito as rabbits can breed exponentially and when food sources diminish there seems to be a serious lag in fertility drop.
There is very little conservation in the DNA of rabbits, they can eat just about any living vegetation including the bark of Matagouri, Pine trees and Briar all woody plants.

My earliest images of the rolling country across almost all of the McKenzie basin includes swathes of tussock now, unless under irrigation it is a moonscape of dust, briar and hyracium.
A few years later on a trip through, near Tekapo I thought the rolling hills had been cultivated, on stopping the car and getting out to inspect, the whole hill erupted in white tails as thousands of rabbits moved.

They never got close to that last rabbit and it took Calici Virus to make the latest attack on the numbers and that was done in an illegal act of importation of the banned substance as the cuddlies were never going to allow its introduction. Increasing pockets of immunity are now providing another round of concern.

Yes DOC in their OTT dreamworld might  have some success in reducing numbers but eradication will never happen unless a catastrophic infection vector can be introduced and good luck with that.
As numbers decline the survival instinct and Darwin will combine to enable the very low numbers to withdraw and  return when the next revision of the policy removes its foot from the throat.

twenty eight million will soon be eaten up with the committees and study groups who meet to talk about it and make it $280 000 000 and it will take a little longer. then try $3 000 000 000 and I am certain eradication wont happen, maybe a nuclear strike will work but I would still bet on a stoat and his missus surviving even that.

Yes DOC have managed eradication on small islands and some mainland locations behind a "Predator Free" fence but any of those will break down eventually as one pregnant female of any of the target species  is all it will take. Those successes have come at eyewatering costs and using lots of very cheap inputs.
Look at the regular outbursts as 1080 is employed as a tool, then there will be the many arguments over bykill and other collateral problems.


Anonymous said...

Typical Green Nat.
They forgot about weasels,ferrets and as you have pointed out the white tailed bunny and even the humble hare.

I grew up watching plagues of rabbits in the Wairarapa never to be eradicated. They lived in the bush, the forests and on the grass. Only way to get rid of them is have 12 months rain. The buggers drown.

paul scott said...

Hey Mum, look there's a cuckoo loose in the tree.
The Government wants to make New Zealand predator-free by 2050, formally adopting a target to eradicate all pests that threaten New Zealand's native birds.
I am just thinking, is there anyone in there with any clue about biology, species survival, species replacement, mutations,.general stuff.
You would think the farmers would be able to tell them.
David Farrar over at Kiwi propaganda blog says it might cost 10 billion, but hey who's counting. Jesus how did these foxes and racoons get here.

Noel said...

Rabbits do destroy a lot of native species along with the great white butterfly but are not target species for this latest plan nor are they predators.

Johno said...

Jeez, how hard can it be?

Apparently we're wiping out polar bears and penguins just by driving ourselves to work!

Anonymous said...

If you enjoy the sounds of moreporks calling at night, record them before DoC drop 1080 in your area. Within a week you won't be hearing them again for many years. By the time they re-appear our bird saviours will be organising a follow up poisoning. Just to make sure.