Friday, July 15, 2016


The need to move to electronic voting.    The Preferential Vote count is, by definition, time consuming, especially when there is a close contest.

It's now almost two weeks since the election and two seats, Hindmarsh in SA and Herbert in QLD, are still up for grabs.   In Herbert the Coalition are on a wafer thin 44 votes to the good while Hindmarsh looks like going Labor.

Turnbull already has a 76 seats so if they win Herbert they're in with 77 (76 being the magic number ... not 75 as some would have it).     But if they had been on say 75 with two seats still to be decided the government would be in limbo with the 'caretaker' provisions in force.

The system needs overhauling.   Good that Turnbull and Shorten can agree on something.


paul scott said...

That Townsville seat, is loaded with first preference votes to "others"
Between them Katter and Hansen have about 20% of first preferences vote.
Who will tell our Nanny Government that Socially Conservative votes are coming right out.
We can't have a vote for Conservative here in NZ, so that means NZF.
Reasons are
Race based privilege, Resource Management, Immigration perceptions,
perception of corporate welfare, late wake up on Housing, the Flag, obscene borrowing..
I'm guessing 14% for NZF. They are hopeless to communicate with.
Herbert electorate here//

The Veteran said...

Paul ... thank you for thread jacking not. One day I'll do a post on Winston First and then you can comment. It would help if they paid the $154k back they rorted from the taxpayer.