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bland fluent talk indulged in to avoid addressing a difficult subject or situation directly:
"a simple admittance of ignorance was much to be preferred to any amount of flannel"
synonyms: smooth talk · flattery · blarney · blandishments ·

Tim Flannery is an academic who has created an undeserved status as a "Climate Change" advocate in The Lucky Country strangely it seems appointed by one Juliar Gillard to chair a Federal Commission on the matter
Just how difficult it must be to maintain such an oxymoronic, if not plain moronic, undeserved status is mind boggling in the extreme.
Flannery managed to convince many he was the guru when in spite of a serious deficiency in formal study of Climate, his achievements include Paleontology, Biology, Environment with his Phtt coming from a study of Roos, a big fat zero on climatology
As numbers grow of those who find the whole Global warming / Climate change /adverse weather event proliferation  a scam, people such as Professor 'Flannel' are exposed as the charlatans they always were.

Now I am in a group that those with their snouts deeply immersed in the sloshing mush love to try and denigrate with terms such as "Denialists" as if questioning the lack of clothing on emperors is really bad some how and nothing allowed as scepticism. I do not and never have denied that the world is warming, cripes not to notice that we can no longer skate across the Thames in January would take a special state of retard, but I am far from convinced that burning carbon particularly as fuel for travel and moving goods is going to lead to Armageddon any time soon. Wheras I do have some concerns around deforestation, veganism, and other fad manifestations.

Back in 2007 Flannel said this;

So even the rain that falls isn’t actually going to fill our dams and our river systems, and that’s a real worry for the people in the bush. If that trend continues then I think we’re going to have serious problems, particularly for irrigation.

This winter in NSW they have enjoyed well above average rainfalls with Sydney's Main Dam at Over 98.8% full, most of the state has enjoyed over 200% above average rainfall for June with some inland areas enduring over 400 % in what is claimed to be the wettest on record.

I have no knowledge of what rainfall is, currently in the Central North Canterbury Drought area that is approaching a third summer of serious rainfall deficit.
I can state that the first season I farmed on my own account in the heart of that area back in 1969/70 June to June we had only 13 inches or 325 mm when an established district average as compiled over many years by local  Ted Whyte ran at around 24 inches or 600mm.
The next 12 months delivered 16 inches or 400mm and it was five years before we approached Ted's average. in any one year.
They were indeed challenging seasons and it would have been so easy to despair it would ever come right but with a very diversified set of farming objects and systems we made money, paid tax and paid off most of our borrowings in those first five years.
That said we lived on the production of seven fresian cows, a vegetable garden and the smell of an oily rag, of course we were deeply in "poverty".

Maybe another meaning for flannel could be used by the army of brigands and charlatans who are still feasting on taxpayer funded slops:

a small piece of towelling used for washing oneself.
synonyms: facecloth · cloth · washcloth · washrag · washer
To wipe their chins for the dribble and then remove the egg that they seem blissfully unaware of.

Hattip Andrew Bolt.

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