Friday, July 15, 2016


Are the All Blacks too black?
Are the Tall ferns too short ?
Are Our runners Too slow.
I guess having a male remove his penis and testicles to compete with women, it could be said the whole event is but the modern day circus, animal exploitation perhaps.
Replacing the side show tent with 'A Fat Lady'  to be viewed for a shilling, it is just the world going insane.

Could the moron who promoted this garbage please explain how black, brown, yellow, ginga are actually excluded from selection ?
I did hear the skinny white one who pollutes the 0500 to 0600 weekday slot on Newstalk ZB, try to suggest that rowing oars are too expensive for the poor people, and yachts are very expensive, gosh there is a big chance for labour just give eight rowing oars to all decile one schools. They will have to be realistic and make certain four of them are right handed.


Anonymous said...

Well said !

JC said...

It seems like the inevitable result of the "everyone gets a prize for participating".