Saturday, July 9, 2016


The carnage in the good ole US of A where the gun culture rules supreme continues apace ... who can fail to be horrified by the cell-phone footage of a black driver shot and killed by a policeman in front of his wife and child while reaching for his driving license.     Words are hard to describe the situation where five police officers and killed in  Dallas and another seven wounded by a lone black man seeking revenge for ..........

In Chicago alone a person is shot every two hours and 12 minutes ... in the year to date 309 have been shot and killed and a further 1763 shot and wounded ... and it's not going to stop any time soon.

Americans seem wedded to the second amendment to the Constitution which guarantees the right of a person to keep and bear arms.   It had its origins in English common law and was influenced by the English Bill of Rights Act 1689. Sir William Blackstone described this right as an auxiliary right supporting the natural rights of self defense, resistance to oppression and the civic duty to act in concert in defense of the State.

The second amendment was enacted at a time when the US possessed little in the way of a standing army and where local militias were raised in accordance with the Militia Act of 1792 which provided for the conscription of every free, able-bodied, white male aged between 18 and 45 into a local militia company and required them to bring along a musket, a bayonet and belt, two spare flints, a cartridge box of 24 bullets and a knapsack.

While the second amendment right has been challenged at various times including the United States vs Cruikshank (1876) and the United States vs Miller (1939) the US Supreme Court has, as recently as eight years ago, ruled that the amendment protects the right of the individual to possess and carry firearms in District of Columbia vs Heller (2008).

The genie is well and truly out of the bottle.   It will be nigh on impossible to stuff it back in. The forces opposing change are too powerful ... ffs, even Bernie Sanders, champion of the 'progressive' left, is opposed to meaningful change representing, as he does, Vermont which is a largely rural, pro-gun, State.

American citizenry will remain well placed to repel the alien hordes when they sweep down from Mongolia or Mexico or wherever and in the meantime they can hone their shooting skills by practising on themselves.   The mayhem will continue.  I'm just glad I live in NZL.


David said...

I hear you, Vet, I do.

Here in Oz we have nutjobs wanting to roll back our restrictions on firearms, thankfully one has had his arse handed to him and lost his Senate sinecure. But there are others.

Then there are the mouth breathing gun fetishits over at Cwusadda Wabbitt.

The Seppos are wedded to the 2nd Amendment rights, but they do not understand it at all.

In full, it reads A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

These fetishits are not part of a well regulated militia, neither are they interested in maintaining a free state. They want to use their guns to intimidate others, to deny freedom to others.

We have seen this with the cowardly Bundy clan and their slack jawed Cletuses following them.

JC said...

The thing is, support for the 2nd Amendment and gun interest is now much higher than say 30-40 years ago. Given this support is mostly coming from people hardly known for felonious use of guns it may be an expression of fear of the authorities that are becoming increasingly militarised.. even officials of mundane govt depts not involved in direct law enforcement are now routinely issued with guns.

Likewise its just as clear that the authorities fear their own citizens and even small town law enforcement is being given Lav type vehicles and other military hardware by the Obama administration.

Proportionately the vast majority of gun injuries and murders are carried out with pistols wielded by Blacks and Hispanics in the big Democrat cities but all the pressure is coming on assault rifles that have been used in the proportionately tiny number of mass murders.. why?

When you look fairly regularly at the FBI statistics as I do and see this silly concentration on "scary" guns like the AR15 and other long guns and ignore who and what is doing the vast majority of killing you have to conclude there's little interest in curbing illegal ownership and pistol use by minorities in cities and much interest in disarming legal owners of long guns in Flyover land where there are far fewer gun murders.. ie, it's political.

As I mentioned earlier gun ownership was falling in the US some decades ago and thats massively turned around recently.. particularly with females. Clearly Obama is mostly responsible for this with his assault only on legal gun ownership and his strange blindness towards his own constituency's faults and record.


The Realist said...

Funnily though I understand Vermont has the lowest rate of serious crime per 100,000 of population in the entire Union, and by a large margin.

Anonymous said... assault rifle is not a long gun and can easily be broken down concealed and assembled in seconds. It is only designed to kill people while attacking them not as weapon of self defence or hunting. Tell me one good reason why they should exist in a civilised society except to make men with small willies feel better about themselves.

Every country has a hypothetical plans for attacking and occupying other countries. It keeps the military amused and if you go into the archives there are planning exercises for every eventuality. After the cold war some of the old strategies from the soviets were revealed one key area was to encourage the ownership of all arms in the US as in the event of an invasion armed groups would form camps and turn on each other.

Wait until petrol is rationed and the good citizens of LA start blazing away at each other in the queue.

Lord Egbut

The Realist said...

The Police are not shooting these young blacks because they are racialist. They are fearing for their own lives.
In any event black policemen are shooting white trash in large numbers as well for the same reason but this is not reported.

JC said...

"Wait until petrol is rationed and the good citizens of LA start blazing away at each other in the queue."

Why wait.. its happening right now with no petrol rationing. The city is now exceeding the magic 500 number per year.


Gerry said...

On my first trip to the USA, almost fifty ago, I was advised that should I be stopped by a Patrolman whilst driving then I should keep both hands on the steering wheel where he could see them as he approached my vehicle. On no account should I reach into a pocket for a driver's licence. Move my hands from the steering only on instruction from the Patrolman. Should the Patrolman require paperwork he will retrieve it from about my person if that is where it is. This advice was because recent events then had innocent drivers being shot when reaching into pockets for driver's licences following a spate of killings of Patrolmen by non-innocents who produced concealed weapons in the same circumstances.

This advice seems to have stood the test of time. Perhaps it should be taught in schools in the USA.

Redbaiter said...

Attacking the 2nd Amendment.

Good to see the Veteran come out as the closet commie he's always been.

Honesty is always the best policy.

Although there are another two factors at play here. The first is the common anti-white anti-conservative narrative of the mainstream media, and the second is the gullibility of fools like the Veteran.

His repeating of their completely false narrative on the Falcon Heights shooting is the most stark example, although the whole post just reeks of his lame brainless submission to progressive media propaganda.

The Veteran is a bit like John McCain in the US, we're grateful for his service, but he should just STFU on the rest of it and go away.

David said...

Worried of Tauranga is the only one who really, truly knows what happened at Falcon Heights, and that's because the voices only speak to him.

Typical of the worried, white conservative, mouth breathing gun fetishits he is incapable of reasoned argument, just tells everyone else to shut up. Here's a hint, Worried, go FYMI-L.

The Veteran said...

Red ... your stupidity knows no bounds or perhaps you just forgot your meds. Take a deep breath and read the post a second time. Wasn't attacking the second amendment, just telling it how it is and why any attempt to change it will probably fail.

America has a gun culture ... no disputing that. People will make their own minds up as to whether that's a plus or a negative.

Gueez, you are so convulsed with your 'reds under the bed' mantra that your probably consider Genghis Khan a flaming liberal.

Anonymous said...

Red's so convulsed he thinks himself to be a flaming liberal.

Paranormal said...

Egbut you have no idea what an assault rifle is. A pistol is far more concealable.

They are also ideal hunting and self defence firearms. That is why the AR15 is so ubiquitous.

Redbaiter said...

"Tell me one good reason why they should exist in a civilised society except to make men with small willies feel better about themselves."

Astonishing ignorance.

The purpose of the 2nd Amendment is not to allow men to arm themselves for self defense, or for hunting, or any of that ill-informed garbage.

If you know history at all, you will understand there is a marked difference between the countries that once made up the British Commonwealth, and who mostly have a Westminster system of govt, and the US, which is a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC. Maybe you forget that they kicked the British out of the place way back in 1776.

Unless you understand and remember that basic point you will never understand the 2nd Amendment.

The Republic of the US has a Constitution and as part of that document, (through the second amendment to the Bill of Rights) there is the specification that if the Constitution is threatened by tyrannical govt, then free men can raise a militia and with the arms they keep under the 2nd Amendment, defeat that govt.

Countries operating under the Westminster system do not have this means to defeat tyrants, and have no such legal recourse as the 2nd amendment if they fall to tyranny.

This is the basis of what is termed "American Exceptionalism".

No charge for this history lesson Egbut, but of course you go on living happily on your knees in Westminster style slavery. The people of the US prefer their Constitutional Republic and their freedom.

And their antidote to tyranny that is the 2nd Amendment, and guarantees that freedom.

Noel said...

MSSA firearms aren't used much by hunters I know. The hoops you have to go through to obtain a special licence don't add any benefits over the alternatives which are restricted to the same number of rounds in the magazine.

If the same rules has applied in Orlando the death toll could have been a lot less.
Reasoning: A shooter with a newly aquired firearm is likely to be less proficient at changing magazine's.

Sadly Florida didnt take up the Federal Large Magazine ban.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes Master Baiter...we have been reading a lot about these freedoms lately. Perhaps you can answer a simple question that is puzzling me.

If you cannot afford comprehensive health Insurance, as so many can't in that lucky country, and you are gravely wounded in a freedom loving exercise where shots are fired in a mall..........who pays your medical bills and if you require really expensive treatment do they pull the plug?

Mr Normal.....I have fired more different types of weapon than you have had years on this planet, some in a professional capacity.. In open Afghanistan country the the weapon the US troops are most wary of is the WW1 Lee Enfield which outshoots and out hits the glorified .22 they carry.

Lord Egbut

JC said...


The AR 15 is a semi auto so not technically an "assault" weapon. It has a stock for steadying against the shoulder so technically a long gun. However there are some configurations that can change this.

The mere fact we are talking about this shows why the gun is so popular.. its a fun machine that has an industry developed to provide a great many options for any body type or civilian usage. The small calibre is also a hell of an advantage for cost and means you can blaze away on a range without breaking the bank.

As for the gun culture.. as of 2014 7.3% of all living Americans or 23 million people have served in the military.. go back several decades and you would probably double the percentage.


Redbaiter said...

The All-Knowledgeable Egbut really needs to find a more reliable source of information rather than the MSM. Repeating their views and opinions is an action that always puts one's intelligence quota in serious doubt.

As far as "assault" rifles go (the A in AR15 stands for Armalite) I recommend you look at this picture and soak up the information it provides.

Never rely on the MSM Egbut, they will misinform you and lie to you every time.

Redbaiter said...

"Words are hard to describe the situation where five police officers and killed in Dallas and another seven wounded by a lone black man seeking revenge for .........."

Its really so simple, but because the MSM lie about it and camouflage it, no one brings up what is really behind this event.

Its not about blacks, or racism, just as so many other divisive ideas are not really about what you think they are either.

Most blacks in this instance are pawns in the great game of the left. Other blacks know what its about. However the same applies to whites. Some are dupes, others know exactly what the game is.

The media deserve nothing but our contempt for failing to expose the real agenda here. Asking what the killer's motives were..!! FFS, he wanted to kill cops, and it doesn't actually matter what his motives were, its the groups he belonged to and followed that are important.

His facebook page showed he "liked" or was engaged with almost every subversive organisation out there. Black and white. The real questions are "why do these groups exist and what is their objective?"

That is what MSM should be telling us. But in their deceit and cowardice they will not. (Although many of them are dupes as well as cowards and liars)

Here's the truth the MSM cowards will not expose.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

(Reposted with corrected spelling)
How on earth did we No Minister authors get by for so many years before we were force fed a steady diet of Legbut's profound wisdom and inestimable knowledge of every subject known to Mankind?

Take this latest example.

....It is only designed to kill people while attacking them not as weapon of self defense .... (He is talking about assault rifles in general and the AK47 in particular.)

After all these years, now I know why Al Quaeda was beaten in Iraq by Dubbya and Gen Petreaeus. (Before Obama came along and handed the victory back to the vanquished.)

Those stupid bloody Ayrabs were using attack weapons while retreating. If only they could have had Legbut there advising them. The Caliphate by now would be well established.

And consider poor old Napoleon. If only he could have had Legbut standing by his side at Waterloo. History would be different and all those Poms would now be Frogs.

Paranormal said...

Noel, now you are showing your lack of firearms knowledge.

There are plenty of 'A' category AR15's and other semi automatic rifles in the country. MSSA designation only relates to how 'lethal' a firearm looks (bayonet lug etc.) and what capacity magazine an individual 'chooses' to insert.

Sadly Florida chose to ban firearms in bars. The shooter was already breaking that law. What makes you think he would have obeyed a Federal magazine law?

LEN, you continue to show your bias. Yes I'm sure we all know about the preference for longer range calibres in the more open Afghanistan theatre. The Brits had the same experience in the Falklands. That doesn't change the fact that .223 is an effective small to medium sized game calibre out to 400 - 500 metres.

Or are you trying to say that the original AR15 calibre is not a high powered killing machine the media want to portray it as?

The Veteran said...

All this talk about firearms from self-appointed experts pulls my chain not. I suspect that a number of commentators on this blog would crap their pants faced with incoming fire. In defense of Egbut and all I will say is that he has been there and done that and has earned the right to comment.

Anonymous said...

Normally I would just leave this but a question has been asked...What is the difference between Master Baiters two weapons.. Well the bottom one cant be broken in two and hid under a jacket the bottom one does not allow for two magazines to be braised together to make a 30 round fill. And the bottom one does not look cool and scary......a major point for men with small willies. As for Mr Normal pretending he can hit a 12inch target at 400metre with a light barrelled M16/AR15 I can only wonder how many small game animals he has left to die an agonising death.

Lord Egbut

Noel said...

"There are plenty of 'A' category AR15's and other semi automatic rifles in the country. MSSA designation only relates to how 'lethal' a firearm looks (bayonet lug etc.) and what capacity magazine an individual 'chooses' to insert."

Yes you are correct although I don't know any hunters who prefer them for large game.

With a TLKR and TRHR that prevents me from moving stealthy through the bush these days I'm not in a position to test the hypothesis.

Its interesting to note that a number of people with Cat A firearms have been "choosing" to use high capacity magazines with the firearms and are loosing them and their licenses forever.

In regard to high capacity magazines in the US if the California proposal of an amnesty for them to be handed into the authorities or destroyed. After which they would be banned had been allowed for proceed and the surrounding states had picked it up the death toll would be lower.

Of course it never went anywhere because it would have restricted "hunters".

Oh well that's my "parting shot".

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Most hunters I know use a cut down .308 (7.62) and only take three or four rounds with them, in their pocket. The rifle is carried empty, with the bolt closed.

God knows why you'd want to lug thirty rounds of ammo around the mountains for hour after hour when you are likely to fire no more than two shots on the day.

On this point, Legbut is spot on.