Saturday, July 23, 2016


Had they prevailed and it was a genuine attempt to rein in a megalomaniac Islamist reinforcer with a dream of another caliphate based on Turkey, the Turkish Military who have been a traditional protector of Modern Turkey that emerged from the ruins of the Ottoman Empire, they could have been heroic, as it stands now the unannounced numbers will be facing Erdogan's concept of Justice.

Increasingly it appears the country that stands astride the notional boundary between Europe and the Orient whose leaders over the first eighty odd years of Mustapha Kemal Ataturk's  dream of a secular democratic nation that could bridge the cultural gulf that the Bosporus represents is another casualty.

Whether it was a genuine attempt at slowing Erdogan's Islamist goals or a cynical manipulation along the path of his deliberate and long term goals it will matter little.

Turkey has "PARTIALLY WITHDRAWN"  from its obligations and commitments under the European Human Rights convention.
I guess those in control must subscribe to the "little bit pregnant" school of semantics but for those who are to suffer for their part in the rather inept effort it appears executions will be a part.

It will be an interesting watch of the appeasers and enablers as they wrestle with such a two fingered salute to modern western democratic notions of trial and punishment.
It is beyond the living memory of Stalin's Purges of the ruling elite prior to WW2 that left his military so  dangerously exposed to Herr Schikelgrueber's conniving  duplicitous invasion of the Soviet Union in Operation Barbarossa. However a little reading of history will acquaint even the most simple that far too many foreign observers accepted what was in reality state murder of many innocents who were considered a threat by an increasingly paranoid soviet dictator. And Dictator is a fair summary of what Erdogan is being seen as today.

Is it time for the West to inform Mr Erdogan what he is doing is beyond their standards and end Turkey's increasingly comical ideas of becoming a nation in the comfortable security of the EU and for NATO to  tell them now they seem destined to be just another Islamic dunny so  they are on their own.


paul scott said...

Herr Merkel Erdogan
Willkommen Bruderschaft des Islam in der EU. Ich werde deinen Beitrag zu EU selbst zu überwachen. Willkommen in der Bruderschaft.

paul scott said...

Erdoğan'a Bay Merkel
AB'de İslam'ın hoş geldiniz kardeşliği. Ben AB'ye kendim için giriş izlemek için gidiyorum. Kardeşlik Hoşgeldiniz ..

paul scott said...

Herr Merkel to Erdogan
Welcome brotherhood of Islam to the EU. I will supervise your introduction to the EU myself . Welcome to the Brotherhood..
To hell with those fascist racist Islamophobes.
What language do you think should be official EU, NewWorldspeak.
Fuck Britain.