Tuesday, July 5, 2016

OH WELL, IN FOR A PENNY .................

Malcolm Turnbull has to go.    No matter the eventual outcome (and for what it's worth I think a hung parliament is very much in play) he has to wear the failure of the Liberal Party to energize its support base.  

How did he do that ... well, in the words of one commentator, he 'single-handedly trashed the Liberal brand'.   He isolated out the conservatives in the caucus and the Party and denied them a voice.    The result .... he allowed Pauline Hanson to arise, phoenix like from the dead (and from jail), and to hoover up votes from the centre-right with the result that One Nation will have a major influence over the term of the next parliament.    Lucky Australia!!!!

Turnbull's speech on election night was a disaster.   It was arrogant and cheering when there was nothing to be arrogant or cheering about.   He demonstrated the patrician attributes of a poor little rich boy convinced of his divine right to lead. He had no coherent economic policy and was probably only saved by Shorten's determination to spend even more ... money that's not there.  Neither Party has come to terms with the fact that the glory days of the minerals fueled boom are now bust and that throwing money at every itch is not an option.

Interesting that on the latest figures the Liberal Party lost 18 seats vote with their vote dropping by 3.66% while the Nationals held all their seats while increasing their vote by 0.65%.   Strong message in that and the Liberals would be dumb to ignor it.   These figures will change and exclude Queensland where the two parties campaign as one.

Leadership of the Liberal party is a 'gift' of the caucus room.   What the caucus room giveth, the caucus room can taketh way.    I would expect to hear knocking on Turnbull's door with Party grandees inviting themselves in for a 'come to Jesus' chat.  

His replacement ... well, it won't be Tony Abbott but I do expect Abbott to be back in Cabinet.   Julie Bishop ... could be having been the Deputy under both Abbott and Turnbull.   That would signal a degree of stability sadly lacking right now.   Hat-tip for Speaker ... Andrew Wilkie, Independent member for Denison, Tasmania.   Could solve a number of problems.   Mind you, the larrikin in me would suggest Bob Katter, Member for Kennedy in the far, far North and founder, leader and sole MP for Katter's Australian Party.  He's mad enough to handle the job with aplomb.

Interesting times but one things for sure.   Turnbull ain't no Key.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

You do Pauline Hanson a disservice. Her conviction was overturned and she was released from jail after only three months - all of which was a long long time ago.

As for Julie Bishop, I think she will struggle. After all, she, more than anyone else, was the disloyal deputy who deliberately failed to properly inform her leader, Tony Abbott, what was going on behind the scenes. She is severely damaged goods and will not be able to unite the party.

David said...

I don't think there is anyone who can unite this rabble until they rid themselves of the Tea Party types (Abbott, Bernardi, Brandis, et al).

I think that this is the Liberal Party's 1955 moment.

The Veteran said...

David ... unless you are a 'broad church' party you are consigning yourself to the electoral wilderness.
NZL a real case at point. National is while Labour ain't having just conceded the 'left' environmental vote to the Greens per courtesy of the MoU. Labor in Oz hates the Greens with a passion. No concessions and Labor and the Greens have free rein to raid each others vote no holes bared.

The one thing the Liberals don't need is a repeat of the 1955 Labor split which led to the formation of the DLP and kept Labor out of office for close on the next two decades.

David said...

This just in from John Howard: They should remember the character of their party,” he said, noting it was a broad church and the custodian of conservative “small L” liberal tradition.

Note his phrasing small L, not Capital C.


It isn't Turnbull who has wrecked The Liberal Party, it is the hard C christian conservatives, Bernardi, Brandis, Abbott et al.


paul scott said...

Nationalism is coming and we'll kick every rats arse progressive off the boat and turn it around.
The voting Australia shows quite clearly that the Conservative vote was looking for somewhere to go. I don't know about the economic conservatives in liberal coalition, but the social conservatives have promoted Hinch, Hanson, Xenophon, Lambie.
Turnbull's speech was sickening, and profoundly unAustralian the way I heard it.

Knock Knock on the door New Zealand. We have a known near 5% voters for conservative in 2014. As well the Nanny Banker State is losing better thinkers due to the social crisis of housing in Auckland. Northland will deal Nanny another crushing defeat, and the general election will leave the bitch struggling for relevance and mercy.

David said...

Hinch is not a conservative, he is a progressive.

Xenophon is not a conservative, he is a radical.

Hanson is not a conservative, she is a talking arsehole.

Lambie is not a conservative, she is a dick muncher par excellence.

Keep chewing the carpet, Paul. You and the angry torrent make good bedfellows.

Lambie, Hinch, Hanson and alol the other minnows will be gone at the next half Senate election. Or sooner, if Turnbull cons the GG in to another DD. They won't have the funds for round two.

Noel said...

Thread jacking I know.

But the FBI says Clinton was "careless" with her emails but are not charging her.

That two out of three I got right if you include the flag.

Beats Adolfs latest he may get one.

Noel said...

"noting it was a broad church and the custodian of conservative “small L” liberal tradition."

Given that "broad church" in the political dimension refers to a range of opinions, that statement is an oxymoron.

David said...

Vet, here comes the first sign of the Liberals 1955 moment.

Senator Bernardi on Wednesday posted a blog entry on his website stating that the election result is a "disaster" and that it is important to unite "Australian Conservatives...regardless of their party affiliation."

He has asked fellow conservatives to register their interest at a website called "conservatives.org.au".

NB - Bernardi was recently in the Good ol' USA shagging around with fundamentalist Christians, the sort of people who think that murder is an appropriate response to abortion and that gay people should be thrown off buildings stoned to death.

Angry Tory said...

Turnbull ain't no Key

And that is a good thing. Key ain't no Abbott, ain't no Thatcher, certainly ain't no Richardson --- isn't even Douglas!

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

".....the sort of people who think that murder is an appropriate response to abortion and that gay people should be thrown off buildings stoned to death. ...."

Here endeth the forty-eighth lesson from our resident nut case fundamentalist atheist.

The Veteran said...

AT ... hallelujah, we can agree. Turnbull turned a 28 seat majority into 1 (at best); Abbott lost the confidence of his Party caucus; Thatcher was deposed as leader; Richardson walked away from her Party when the going got tough; Douglas the same.

and Key?

Angry Tory said...

and Key?

Key has done exactly what he said he would do: been an entertaining and photogenic Labour Party Prime Minister

The Veteran said...

AT ... in your 'wet' dreamns. Dumbo posts get what they deserve. Key's won three elections. And 'your' Guy ... Craig or whatever and lets not even talk about Trump ... RCP has him losing to 'kriminal' Clinton by between 9 and 11%. Gueez, Typhoid Mary would do better.