Saturday, July 23, 2016


What ever your position on the mania that is Trump, it must be apparent to anyone with more than a million functioning brain cells that his drive for President of the US of A has turned out far better than most predicted.

A very partisan media have been a promotional asset as they continue to add numbers daily to those totally fed up with their shaping of world events as they continue to promulgate opinion in spaces that many still search for "News" as it used to be regarded.

Nigel Farage, Boris Johnson, Pauline Hansen, and in a very minor way our very own phenomena as delivered by the Peters Party have all embraced what has been so spectacularly successful for Trump.
He has picked the scab off a festering sore that is not of a "Silent Majority" more of a "frustrated fellowship,"  voters increasingly feeling alienated and ignored by political operatives and their slavish media enablers who all clearly understand they know best while delivering laws and bureaucracy that smothers, suffocates, frustrates and ultimately thwarts the natural drive for a citizen to better themselves.
Encapsulated in one word Welfare!

A Roc (right of centre) in my immediate circle, delights in reminding moi that I am just another bludging beneficiary, a charge that is entirely accurate but my pathetic defence is that since 1935 successive socialist governments, in their what began as a much needed safety net for those whose circumstances left them in need (as opposed to want), have purloined ever expanding money resources that a prudent member of society might accumulate for old age that is then  dispensed  as vote bait as and when necessary.
Unfortunately what locusts see as necessary has become burdensome and a significant contributor to the pus under the scab Trump has scratched.

One of the entrenched and entitled insiders, in a rather spectacular 'self immolation' at The Republican Convention in Cleveland Illinois took what could have been an opportunity for retrenchment and restocking for another tilt four years hence, at POTUS, to indulge his clear entitled view of his ego to put one last kick in the testicles of his nemesis.

In a graceless  self serving oration where he declined mostly to even mention Trump by name and ended without any form of endorsement of the person who won clearly the right to run under his party banner in pursuit of the ultimate prize,  Ted Cruz merely reminded everyone they might just have dodged one bullet while walking infront of many who do not want Trump either.
As a described Christian, his effort left many of what I accept to be admirable traits of the tenets of that faith in his dressing room before going out and destroying any chance of another campaign in front of the assembled who will be needed as foot soldiers.
Contrast that to Sanders with a fulsome  concession and endorsement for Clinton  after prolonging what was clearly the inevitable and made a serious strides to heal and restore the Democrat party even though he like Trump was a johnnie come lately to the party chosen as a vehicle for a move to the top job. Cruz OTOH was a lifelong Republican who had clawed and mauled his way to where he became regarded as the one most likely to succeed whether deserved or not.

Oi Eddie there is no I in team and your pathetic justification for your treacherous effort in the quadrennial opportunity to reach your fellow Republicans, that Trump crossed an imaginary red line with his alleged attack on your current squeeze Heidi, was just that, pathetic.
You might not have made any similar swipe at Trump but someone with your access to "Help" would have made arms length snide remarks about any and all opponents, such as those that emerged on Trumps love life and current super model  'trophy wife' Melania.
Listen to the band they are still playing the Trump March while you Eddie have sunk back into the primeval swamp that spawns almost all "pollies", he won you lost eat that.

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The Veteran said...

GD ... clearly I am not a Trump supporter. Equally clearly Cruz hardly endeared himself to his fellow Republicans by raining on Trump's parade ... although it might be argued that Melania Trump did that herself with her plagiarized speech the previous night.

What it does show is that the bitterness from the Primary campaign lingers and that can't be good for Trump and the Republicans going up against a Clinton campaign awash with money although in the topsy- turvy world that seems to define politics everywhere right now one thing is certain ... there is no certainty.

What it does do and assuming Trump loses is to take Cruz out of the running in 2000. Institutional politics has a long memory.