Monday, July 18, 2016

Malcolm Dot Turnbull (Updated)

It has come out in the wash that Malcolm Turnbull had to bankroll his appalling election campaign because all the party's traditional 'big hitter' donors told him to fuck off.  They didn't think much of him or his policies, particularly his dopey raid on private superannuation funds.

In passing, no one yet has explained to me exactly what his scheme was going to do but Jim Bolger could have told him, no matter how smart it was, it was always an electoral dog.

Now it becomes clear why the Liberals campaign did not use it's best attack dog, Tony Abbott; did not use its many effective attack ads; failed to mention Labor's Achilles heel of union corruption and illegal immigrants, instead concentrated on shouting what a fine fellow is Malcolm Turnbull. Turnbull was paying for the campaign so he demanded control.

Well he was such a fine fellow that he actually lost the election but the Victorian Premier won it back for him by stupidly attacking volunteer fire fighters during the campaign.

Today, Turnbull is to announce the makeup of his cabinet.  If he persists in leaving Tony Abbott out of the cabinet then it is goodbye to the Liberal Party I knew and worked for.


Turnbull has left Abbott on the backbench.   What a fool.


Noel said...

Not to worry Australia continues to have an AAA rating.

Anonymous said...

It's interesting to watch over here in OZ as a foreigner with no skin in the game.

Abbott had principles, for which he was loved or hated, Turnbull's principles are fluid like water.

Malcolm rolls Tony Abbott out of the job, then calls for an election to get a better majority in order to push thru the legislation that his party wants.

Now it turns out he funded his campaign himself.

Well, at least he put his money where his mouth is.

Kiwi in OZ