Thursday, July 21, 2016


Even I am surprised at the result .... National up 10% to 53.0%;  Labour down 2.5% to 25.5%; Green down 3% to 11.5%; Winston First down 2% to 7%; Maori Party down 1.5% to 0.5%; ACT up 0.5% to 1%; Mana  down 0.5% to 0.5%; Conservatives down 0.5% to 0.5%; United Future did not register.
Projected seats (assuming no change in electorate seats) ...  National 64; Labour 31; Green 14; Winston First 9; ACT 1; Maori 1; United Future 1 ... total 121 seats.
And all of this against a continued media driven barrage by the media about how NZL is going to hell in a handcart.   Some handcart.   Happy daze.


The Veteran said...

This from a poster over at our 'junior' blog on the poll result. Like his/her analysis. Enjoy.

The reality: The country is doing fine. Most ordinary, decent New Zealanders are working their butts off and getting ahead. Ordinary, decent New Zealanders are seeing their asset base increase in value and they’re feeling less insecure about the inevitable revenge taxation (that the loons on the Left will visit on us at some point when they can convince us that they’re going to be electable).
We ‘re secure, we’re safe, we’re fulfilling our part of the social contract through paying lots of tax and we’re doing well in the world as a nation. But no, the Left and the media wants to crash the housing market and wipe out our buffer against the evils of socialism.

How the Left sees it: OMG socialism is dying the world over – we’re going to be out of a job soon and we need to do something (anything) to drum up some support. We don’t care if we lie, shit, fart or kill – we need to make the public see there is a problem. In a population of 4 millions let’s show the three mentally-handicapped losers who are so utterly repulsive they have to live outside of society and let’s drag in idiots toting $1200 cellphones with a degree no one wants who can’t save for a deposit and call it a “HOUSING CRISIS”.

How the media see it: Damn, it’s so boring being a political reporter – there’s just nothing to do. The government is stable. The country is stable and doing well. Reporting on the utter insanity of local government is small beer. It’s so much more fun if there is turmoil in the country. Who believes that old saying “the Devil makes work for idle hands”, that doesn’t apply to journalists – we’re the “special” ones. We can tell lies, we can make shit up, we can misrepresent – because of … you know… public interest! Let’s see if we can raise the rabble, tell a few lies, stir a few pots, try a few ‘gotcha’ questions – the way we used to in the good old days when we weren’t the least trusted profession

How it plays out: National take a 10% jump in the polls.

The simple truth is in the internet age you can’t tell lies because there are enough different sources that the lies and half truths get found out. The ordinary, decent members of society don’t speak out as openly as we used to because of the vile behaviour of the Left in shouting down or name-calling anyone who doesn’t immediately agree with their lies. You don’t change an opinion by insulting people. You don’t win the contest of ideas by accusing people of made up socialist thought crimes. You don’t make evil into good by attacking freedom of speech.

It’s like the bullies at school – no one stood up to them but when someone did everyone came around to see the bully get sorted out. No one goes to help the bullies, no one believes them and when they’re in trouble everybody loves it.

Three more years for the Nats!!! Thank you media. Thank you Labour.

Anonymous said...

I endorse the previous comment, utterly completely and gladly. While this poll is sound and reassuring the typical Kiwi with more than an ounce of common sense realises there are light years between the competence of National and the idiocy of Labour/Greens.