Thursday, July 28, 2016


As most wait for the super city response to the proposed draft unitary plan,  the little brain jumps in at the deep end in his ongoing search for the mirage that is the missing million voters.

"Affordable Housing" what the hell is that. Angry has no idea but he wants more to be provided in the unitary plan.

Here is the news you moron, what will come with the review of what will happen to the basic property  rights that will be freed up with the draft if it survives the collective idiocy of the statists who will finally decide.  People will build what they understand the market wants, to enable a mansion or  build one shitty conglomerate with five one room studios with a dunny in a wardrobe, some people will still not be able to buy a dwelling.

Yes years of mismanaged  administration has created a bubble in house prices. Scarce land, poor infrastructure and  a desire for many to come home or migrate to our beautiful country, have come together in a perfect storm, the absolute last thing we need by way of a response is to create slums where ferals with zero personal pride and an entitled attitude to be placed in a cheap house that will be a tip in weeks.

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paul scott said...

I read that the entire Auckland unitary plan took 6 years recently to develop, and is entirely useless.
Peter Cresswell says eject the entire Urban boundary plan down that dunny in the slum you mentioned. Oh wait on, it won't fit, Get the trucks in.
I am in 85 sq meters modern apartment 20 minutes from central Bangkok. Swimming pool, tell Ahab to leave and I have it to myself . OK its high rise. Costs are $NZ450 a month, another $300 costs for electricity and all home expenses. Girl extra.
People do, but I would not want to bring up children here. Its singles/couple territory. territory To get stand alone I have no idea.
I can see possibility of zoning for high rise, but that's for Auckland to sort. Otherwise to hell with the plan.