Saturday, July 2, 2016

If It Looks Like A Thrashing, It Is

The count is only halfway through but Turnbull is toast.  At this stage a hung parliament looks like the best he can hope for.

Liberal party faithfull have sent a Brexist-like message to the federal party elites.

Give us our party back.

Get rid of the socialist trojan horse Turnbull and get back to being a broad church centre right party.


Angry Tory said...

Labour lost. Libs/Nats won.

Turnbull had had his wings clipped so hopefully we'll finally have some real policies: selling Medicare,ending welfare,above all hitting rid of the Unions, labour & greens - who have shown once again they are incompatible with democracy and good government

Sky just asked Pilbersek if she would challenge Shorten; Telegraph has called it for Turnbull.

Nothing I'd like better to see Abbott back in the lodge, Julia Gillard in jail, AFP truncheons smashing Union protestors while the TAG go into the Labor HQ!

Angry Tory said...

Australia can't afford a broad church!

We need real Thatcher/Farage/Trump/Menzies policies now more than ever. No more Labour. No more welfare. No more unions!

Angry Tory said...

Abbott just called it for the Coalition

At this point, further talk of hung parliaments is close to Trasson.

David said...

AT, you need help with your anger management.


Angry Tory said...

Peter Costello just called it for the Coalition

What else do you want?

As for anger- I'm with Menzies: Communists, Unionists & labor don't have any place in Australia or any modern democracy

paul scott said...

I still pick reposition of Abbott to PM. Who else is there who can lead the centre right /?

paul scott said...

Hanson should give Senate a kick in backside. I think she tells Turnbull goodbye wet Lib.

Angry Tory said...

Turnbull declareds victory and sets the cops on labor

So he has learnt the most important lesson then - who cares about the centre right: Aussie needs real hard right policies - as hard as he can stomach and then a lot harder yet!

paul scott said...

letter from Andrew Bolt // Herald Sun to Malcolm Turner //

Malcolm Turnbull - you are finished

Andrew Bolt /JULY/02/2016/(10:07pm)

You assassinated a Liberal Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, who’d won an election by a huge margin.
You promised to do even better than him.
You then treated the Liberal base like dirt, smashing it with a huge super tax, refusing to speak to conservative journalists, repeatedly humiliating Abbott.
You referred to the colonial settlement of Australia as an “invasion” and even held an end-of-Ramadan meal with known Muslim bigots.
You called an early double dissolution election on the excuse of needing new laws to tackle rogue unions with a building and construction commission, but with the true aim of getting rid of crossbench oppositionists in the Senate.
You went to the election with basically only one policy to sell - a pathetic 10-year promise to cut company tax.
And now look. Almost everything turned to ruin.
You have lost so many seats that you could even be forced into minority government, if pre-polling and Western Australia go against you.
You have, if anything, lost ground in the Senate, which will block most of your plans.
You will be unable to get the numbers to get your building and construction commission through in any joint sitting of parliament.
You have asked for no mandate for real reform, and will have almost no power to undertake any.
Your popularity, already plummeting, will fall further.
There is no way you can seriously claim that this result is better than anything Abbott could have achieved.
Abbott picked up seven seats at the 2010 election and another 15 in the 2013 election. You have lost between 10 and 15 seats and dumped key Liberal values in doing so.
You have been a disaster. You betrayed Tony Abbott and then led the party to humiliation, stripped of both values and honour.

Anonymous said...

Love AT's comment about no place for communists in a democracy. I hear the stamp of jackboots echoing down through history.

Lord Egbut

Angry Tory said...

It's true. Imagine how different today would have been had not the Turnbull wing of the Liberal party not betrayed Menzies in '51. Building Union - gone. Labor - gone. Greens - not even started.

We'd have a real democracy competing between the Liberals and Nationals - not desperately trying to keep Communists out.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

The people smugglers will be loading up their boats as we speak.

I'll predict now that when the first boatloads arrive there will be a successful parliamentary motion of no confidence in the gummint and Abbot will win the ensuing election for the Liberals.

This is a visceral issue for Australians and Tony Abbott owns the issue.

Paulus said...

Are we able to stop Australian immigrants from arriving in New Zealand ?
Sadly Australia has stuffed itself - another election in a few months with the left winning.
God Bless Australia - they will need it.

David said...

To paraphrase Malcolm Turnbull - There has never been a more exciting time to be Leader of the Opposition.