Thursday, July 28, 2016


At the moment it is just one of the changes mooted in the draft plan.

Whaleoil reports the draft plan for consideration by the elected mob after their "Officials" have attempted to "do what is right", contains no references to the rort that is Taniwha Tax.

It is a total mystery that The Special People need additional avenues to make shit up when ever anyone wishes to exercise their basic property rights that have been handed down over centuries.

If Slater's blog is correct in what is claimed by the Taxpayer union and the elected morons rediscover their legislated powers it just might be one small step towards reducing the exponential cost rises that are hourly adding to the costs of creating a basic dwelling.

I am not that hopeful as there are plenty of misguided pricks who agree with the idiot from new Plymouth, Judd, who think apartheid has some advantages in public affairs.


paul scott said...

The site Jo Holmes says that the independent hearings panel recommend the tax be withdrawn.

However it all shows we need a social revolution by citizen. Nothing else will work.
Nanny and the progressives are committed. Progressive inequality and preference must and will eventually meet its maker. Hence Donald Trump. The best we have in NZ at the moment is your friend Winston Peters. Smile and get used to it. Or promote something better.

Allan said...

Thank goodness sanity prevailed.

The Veteran said...

Paul ... do you mean 'the' Donald Trump ... the one that invited Putin to hack his opponents e-mails?

or 'the' Winston Peters ... the one who has still to pay back the $154k he stole from the taxpayers and then had his Labour mates legitimize the rort? .... Just askin.

With respect to the post ... the 'Empire' strikes back. Long may it continue.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


I do believe Trump merely invited Mr Putin to pass back the emails already gleaned long ago from Hillary's unprotected server.

I can't wait for the day she claims with straight face 'I did not have unprotected relations with that server.'