Saturday, July 30, 2016


Ever wondered why so many luvvies from Hollywood come out and support the Democrats at election time.

Maybe it is because they live in a make believe world of shallow, bitchy make believe imagery where  they pretend to be someone they are not and never were, being paid enormous money for that mirage and it is all provided by someone else.

By a country mile the most successful republican POTUS of my lifetime, Ronnie was playing the biggest role of his career.

Meryl Streep, while a terrific actress was truly cringeworthy the other night and Mrs O'Bama read her lines like a trooper.

What a shame it is the media's abandonment of their fourth estate role to become a support party for the nearest party to their socialist beliefs.
A quick glance of the funding streams for the Clinton Foundtion and the dirty politics waged against Sanders makes it clearly apparent that both the candidates vieing for the glittering award are seriously scary while the two governors running as third party candidates on a Libertarian ticket, while so much more attractive as a potential leader team of the democratic free world, barely rate a mention.
I guess they are too bloody normal and ordinary.


Allan said...

It just proves to me that they sit on their brains and what comes out of their mouths is what normally comes out of peoples backsides. Also their sense of self importance is astonishing.

Anonymous said...

What's the betting on the US POTUS election? My $10 says Hillary will win. Any takers?