Friday, July 22, 2016


has it that a certain deposed leader of a once great political Party now polling around the mid 20s mark has taken up with a new bit of 'fluff' after having jinked his better half (or had her jink him).

Problem for him is that said bit of fluff has one of those names that his Party have dumped on as causing all the problems in the Auckland housing market.

That won't endear him to his colleagues but then, when you're sixth from the bottom in the caucus ranking, it probably doesn't matter too much either.

Hat-tip to one of our regular readers for the heads-up.


DenMT said...

This bit of salacious rumour-mongering is beneath you mate.


Anonymous said...

How can a reasoning thinking human being be dismissed as a piece of fluff? Then on the other hand I have no idea what a piece of fluff is.

Lord Egbut

Anonymous said...

Lordy....your lack of knowledge comes as no great surprise, I always had you down as a solo flier.

Bad, bad monkey....

The Veteran said...

Heh DenMT ... lighten up. Considering the uber Left like to portray our PM as an amoral, crooked, tax evading money trader who likes nothing better than to BBQ babies while raiding the treasury to enrich his own pocket (and those are just the nice things said about him on The Standard and The Daily Blog) then I'm not adverse to pointing out the 'doings' of a Labour MP who is more than happy to stick it to his political opponents with interest all the while apologizing for 'being a man'.

I agree I shouldn't do it but it was a TGIF moment.

DenMT said...

Veteran: Hold yourself to your own standards - that has been the quality which sets you apart from some of the other right-leaning commentators out there. Your post read like a copy-paste from WhaleOil.


Gerald said...

TGIF Moment.
Bullshit pure muck raking and hypocrisy given your commentator on Labour and Keys.