Friday, July 8, 2016

Friday's Fulminations

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David said...

Angry today, Adolf? Or just expecting lot's of fulminating? :-)

Time for Bush, Blair and Howard to face trial for their crimes against humanity. They can no longer deny what was always obvious, their one and only rationale for destroying Iraq was Bush's sweet, sweet lament "That man tried to kill my mommy".

Hans Blix told the truth, but they refused to listen in the shameless desire for a new crusade. They sowed the wild wind and we are now reaping the valley of tears. Blair claims "The world is now a safer place". Tell that to the victims of ISIS, established by the remnants of the Iraqi Republican Guard, the Sunni Muslims who were exiled from the "New Iraq".

Gerald said...

Anonymous said...

Great news. Redcliffs School is to live again. The minister was told to close as many schools as she could BUT she met her Waterloo at Redcliffs. More power to the good folk in Redcliffs!