Friday, July 29, 2016

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Adolf Fiinkensein said...

It appears the great and glorious E U lost Great Britain and nearly gained The Islamic State of Turkey.

David said...

The GOP currently holds:

248 of the 440 seats in The House
54 out of 100 seats in The Senate
31 out of 50 State Governors
70 of the 99 State Legislatures
4 of the 8 Justices on The Supreme Court

Worth pointing out that the party that is complaining loudest about where the country is heading is the party with its hands all over the steering wheel.

David said...

Overindulging in Rupert led paranoia, Adolf posted a copy and paste about high electricity prices in SA, blaming said high prices on wind and other renewable. It never pays to read The Oz as gospel, Adolf.

As a counter to Adolf's Rupert obsession, here is an article from The Conversation that debunks The Oz.

A few points from the article

until the middle of May, SA prices were in line with those in other mainland NEM states, and almost never the highest
price spikes also happened in other states, most notably in Queensland, which doesn’t have wind power
prices in all four NEM states began to increase gradually from the middle of May.


Early last year, Adelaide’s 478-megawatt gas-fired Pelican Point power station was taken offline, despite being one of the most efficient and lowest-emission thermal power stations in Australia. Its owner, Engie, said it was unable to trade profitably based on expected prices of gas and electricity. (In mid-July it was brought partially back online at the state government’s request, and has been operating at about one-third capacity for much of the time since then.)

It was the high price of gas, not the subsidisation of wind that took Pelican Point out of action. Note for non SA readers, Engie is a French company that operates in Australia with gas, coal and wind generation.

Read the whole thing for a detailed examination of how power prices are set, why there are spikes at certain times and how this flawed system needs to be reformed to provide better pricing signals.

Redbaiter said...

..and that's why they're widely see as a gang of traitorous surrendering bastards.

Just like Key and his National Socialists, the worst thing to happen to NZ in decades.

Legitimizing the left wing, and duping most NZ voters into thinking it is mainstream. Or even God help us "right wing".

Appalling deceit and deception.

When first elected John Key had the support to be NZ's Donald Trump, but turned out he didn't have the balls to be anything except a pathetic little commie surrender merchant.

paul scott said...

EU has not lost Britain. Britain has lost democracy and gained another devious two faced PM. May says she would like to see what Scotland wants before exiting. What ? We can also remember that Nanny here, ignored two peoples referenda because we are stupid, and we can not read very well. Also, what Red says. You want to go over to Kiwipropaganda blog again Red, its sickly over there. Free trade with climate tariffs. No new taxes other than the new taxes. All the possums are going to die. stuff like that

The Veteran said...

Red ... it must piss you orf that 53% of New Zealanders don't agree with you while the rest want to move further to the left. But indulge me ... which Party is going to lead us into your brave new world?
We know you have dabbled with the Conservatives but they've gone bush since their Messiah was found wanting while ACT is brand damaged.

It's easy to rant but, in order for you to be taken seriously, you need to put your money where your mouth is and pin your colours to a political vehicle so we can examine their policies and measure them against your rhetoric. Don't do that and you're a one man band playing to an empty house.

David said...

Worried of Tauranga bloviates again.

First, it was going to be the "real republicans".

Then it was the Tea Party, and Worried of Tauranga wet himself over Sarah Palin.

But of course, there will never be anyone ideologically pure enough for Worried of Tauranga, even his own shadow is an Alinskyite.

Redbaiter said...

"it must piss you orf that 53% of New Zealanders don't agree with you while the rest want to move further to the left."

Wouldn't it be great if someone actually came along and offered them an alternative to those two pathetic options. So instead of voting for one bunch of jerks because they're perceived as a tiny bit better than the other bunch of jerks, there was a party with a few different ideas.

And with a real leader. IOW someone not intimidated by the left and able to confront them and draw public support for that.

Like Trump did. Or Nigel Farage. Whether you agree with their policies or not, both of these guys showed status quo politicians up as the timid weak ineffective people most of them are. The leaders especially. Cameron, Key, Turnbull, all infected by the weak as piss Textor disease.

Latest example of Key's pathetic capitulation strategy is the new Disadvantaged Children Ministry. Just a pathetic surrender to the far left's propaganda strategy. No balls, no brains, no ability to combat the left in a competition of ideas. Just another weak gutless surrender.

The support is their if only we had someone able to vocalise a few ideas. Someone who unlike the stand for nothing Key, actually believed in the mission.

Even the straw man Colin Craig managed to attract a huge number of votes. Someone with Key's access to resources, planning, finances and party machinery could have done so much more. Not Key though, he just cowered under a rock like the lily livered little lizard he really is. And licked leftist arse.

Even Australia's Liberals had the balls to reject Krud for his UN job, while Key and his FITH mates are still busy fawning over the just as brain damaged extreme left Helen Clark. So hopeless devoid of fight.

You keep talking as if a Conservative or right wing challenge to National would be impossible Vet. That's just weak self serving bullshit. Not just Trump and Farage, but politicians all over the world are breaking the mould and rising to power as they attract the votes of so many disillusioned with the tweedle dum tweedle dee far left crap of the established parties. Both fully infiltrated by progressives and both therefore utterly useless.

If it can happen in so many places overseas it can happen here.

Redbaiter said...

Paul- re Kiwiblog.

Check out where its going.

The Veteran said...

Red ... Farange ain't going nowhere. He's resigned. But you haven't answered the question (again). Whose the NZ politician/party to lead us into your bright new world. Talk is cheep.

Redbaiter said...

It does not matter who it is.

It can be anyone who cares enough and decides to make the effort.

I once lead a group in an Australian state that deposed a very famous Liberal Party politician and replaced him with someone we wanted. We wanted that politician gone because he failed us. And we succeeded.

You need the organisation, and most importantly the money, but most important of all is the will. I know it can be done because I have done it.

You know, the biggest failure of John Key, and the Nationals, and their supporters, is their collective abject failure to recognise the strategies the left use to slowly, gradually, incrementally, mould our democracies into far left one party states.

That this fact, starkly obvious to anyone with a brain, is not clear to National supporters is the key reason they deserve to be discarded.

It would be good if the Nats could start thinking sensibly. This would remove the need to replace them. An unlikely outcome though. They're mostly just too damn dumb. End of story.

The Veteran said...

Red ... your absolute fixation with your so called 'progressive left' is a tad worrying ... anyone exhibiting blind fixation is worrying ... we see it with Islamic terrorism. We see it with others who call for the Labour Party and Unions to be banned. Once you start banning ideologies or organisations you're a a slippery slope to nowhere ... no matter that you might disagree with them intently.

So, keep on keeping on doing your thing and I'll do mine. You won't be banned here ... unless you call be a liar.

Redbaiter said...

Why are we talking about banning? I'm not talking about banning anyone. Paradoxically, its you one party state progressives who are slowly destroying our political choices, our freedom of political expression, and even attempting to criminalise us for our thoughts.

Why do we say Farage has resigned? Why is this relevant? He achieved what he set out to achieve against all political odds. That is the point. Why would any rational person think his resignation is relevant to this discussion?

I'm afraid you typify the Nats Vet. Too politically clueless to appreciate counter positions to the Labour/ National power bloc or to work out what is really going on.

Can't wait until someone comes along in NZ and the lot of you are marginalised and dumped into the dustbin of political history where you belong. Let's hope it happens before you've totally destroyed what was once such a grand little country.

I'm done with this futile discussion.

paul scott said...

The party to bring you to the bright new future is not here yet. Its precursor, its genetic ancestor is NZF.

David said...

Worried of Tauanga claims I once lead a group in an Australian state that deposed a very famous Liberal Party politician and replaced him with someone we wanted. without a single shred of evidence.

A fact free zone, no wonder he fetishises Farage, Palin, Trump, Craig, and all the other know nothing do nothing wreckers and haters.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Taking of fact free zones:-

"He is refusing now because to do so would reveal the depths of his dealings with Russian oligarchs and criminals."