Thursday, July 21, 2016


ComRes interviewed 1,000 people on behalf of BBC Radio 5 to see how they felt about the Brexit result 30 days on.

61% of those interviewed said that referenda should not be used to make major decisions on Britain's future.

12% said they had fallen out with family or a friend over the issue.

81% said that referenda could get people who don't usually vote interested in politics.

A higher proportion of Brexit voters said this was the first time they had ever voted.

5% of first time voters voted 'Remain'.

9% of first time voters were for Brexit.

Opinions will be divided on what that tells us.


Anonymous said...

Interesting times, May rebuffed by Merkul,just apart of the plan. Johnston rebuffed by Kerry, part of the plan but big surprise trade talks without the EU rebuffed the NZ High commission.

If anyone thinks that the UK a large debtor nation without a war chest can start trade talks in two years when it's on it's knees must be belong to Winston First. UK will not be operating from a position of strength and will be leveraged right off the map.

Lord Egbut

paul scott said...

If the poll comes from the BBC, it comes from the BBC. Fuck the NZ High Commission and fuck this nanny Government. We will.