Monday, July 4, 2016

Events, Dear Boy, Events.

When asked what a Prime Minster feared most, the late Harold Macmillan is reputed to have replied, 'Events, dear boy, events.'

Modern day political voyeurs will be watching Australia closely over the remainder of this year to see what such 'events' might transpire.

Maclolm Turnbull (or is it Julia Turnbull?) will need to be vigilant.  Having used strategic acumen second only to that of Herman Goering during the Battle of Britain, Turnbull has turned an easy cruise to victory into a Titanic disaster.  His election night speech was the worst any commentator has ever heard and cements the notion that he is not fit for purpose.

Anyway, I digress.

What events might occur which could trigger a vote of no confidence?

Here are three possibles.

1   The loss of Australia's AAA sovereign credit rating.   

The UK had its rating downgraded within a week of voting to leave the EU.  The reason for the downgrade?   Instability.    Turnbull campaigned on stability and produced instability so I expect a downgrade as early as late this week.

2    The return of  'The Boats.'

A week before thee election it was reported from Indonesia that people smugglers were selling tickets to Australia in anticipation of a change of government here.  Well, they got one but not quite what they expected.  Look for three or four rickety boats to turn up in the Indian Ocean or Timor Sea and another capsizing with thirty people drowned.  I expect this event within four weeks.

3  A major Muslim terrorist attack in Australia 

Two young men walk into a crowded Mildura church on Sunday morning, produce automatic pistols and shoot thirty people within five minutes.   They flee, shouting 'Allahu Akbar' before any cops arrive.

Event No 3 will resonate with Australians who watched in anger as Turnbull hosted a pre-election Ramadan dinner with a known Islamic extremist hate preacher among the guest list.


Gerald said...

“Labor, on July 3, will have the same policy about stopping the boats. We will not put the people smugglers back into business. We will maintain offshore processing.”

Your four will follow the same path as the 28 others intercepted this year.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Labour won't be calling the shots. It will be cross benchers who want to re-open the borders.

paul scott said...

letter to Malcolm Turnbull
from Pauline Hanson.
You can resign now, or later.
You won't get anything through the Senate
You are a traitor to Western cultural values.
Go to the Mildura church and pray for your sins.
Bow down, face Sydney from Mildura and pray.

David said...

Labour won't be calling the shots. It will be cross benchers who want to re-open the borders.

And which cross benchers will these be? The Hansonites? Fred Nile? Bob Day?

Fear and hate, it's all Abbott had to offer, which is why he had to be put down. Fear and hate from the likes of Cory Bernardi. Fear and hate, the Pauline hanson policy book.

Fear and hate, it's what the right always revert to.

David said...

Your number 3 could easily read A lone Christian male goes to an historical tourist site, pulls out an AR 15 and an SLR L1A1 and kills 35 people.

Just sayin'.

Angry Tory said...

“The union movement is out of control, we never mentioned it. There’s 100 people from the CFMEU in court

David Johnston - on Liberal who gets it.

The truth that Turnbull was to gentlemanly to tell. We need to crush unions, ABC, Labor & Greens NOW.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


You forgot to add '...and shouted 'Halelujah, Praise The Lord.'

David said...

We need bigger, stronger Unions.We need a better funded ABC with a broader reach. We need a Stronger, more Socialist ALP.

And we need fewer Angry Idiots.

paul scott said...

I looked up David's video 'Angry Idiots'. I didn't know that he was a performer, as well as an idiot.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

The WSJ thinks so, too.

Noel said...

Tomorrow would be later in this week.

So thats the day for the downgrade?

Want to chaange your prediction?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


I guess some idiots think Saturday and Sunda doesn't exist.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Hey Noel? Are you there Noel? Yoohoo Noellllllllllllllllllllllll

"The move came as ratings agency Standard & Poor’s issued a brutal alert on the need for both major parties to act on the dangers facing the federal budget and overcome a stand-off on how to cut spending or lift taxes.

S&P’s revised its Australian government outlook to negative in a step that prepares the ground for a formal downgrade of the ­nation’s AAA credit rating, the yardstick that helps decide lending costs for state and federal governments and the finance sector."

And it's only Friday morning.

Noel said...

Ahh Adolf don't be so excited. Moody's and the others including S and P haven't removed the AAA rating.

"The loss of Australia's AAA sovereign credit rating" you said.