Monday, July 18, 2016


As the Gilbert and Sullivan inspired coup d'état  or should that be Suliman, continues to be revealed as rather an inept and seriously questionable charade I am left asking if it was not all about an acceleration of the Erdogan grand plan to Islamise the remnant of the Ottoman Empire we call Turkey.

Already a member of NATO, the alliance that grew to oppose the Warsaw Pact the two military and political groupings that followed WW2 and the descent of the Iron Curtain from the Baltic to the Mediterranean to divide the capitalist west and the communist East, secular Turkey set up in the washup of WW1, became the southern cornerstone of the Western bloc. Sitting astride the entrance to the Black Sea and Russia's naval access to the Med plus its very near proximity to the Soviet Union's underbelly, Turkey became pivotal in the 'cold war'.

Once the heart of the Ottoman Empire established around 1300 AD the Sultinate/Caliphate expanded across Nth Africa to Spain, included The Levant, modern Israel and Jordan, Egypt, Arabia and the Horn of Africa, and was finally stopped in the conquest of Europe at the gates of Vienna by what became The Habsburg Empire.
Already crumbling, the end of the Ottomans came when after aligning with Austria/Germany in WW1 in a last throw of the dice to regain the Middle East and the now liberated Balkans it all ended in dust and Turkey survived as a secular state under Ataturk in the early 1920s.

The history of the Ottomans and modern Turkey is littered with some serious genocidal actions against Kurds, Anatolians and other ethnic and religious entities that made up the historic groupings and Ataturk's legacy was a  very rare stability. With a very strong military,  the second largest in NATO, that leg of the power structure is significant so a military coup was always within arms reach.

Erdogan began his reach for power in the 1990s with a successful tilt at Mayor of Istanbul, finding some impediments with opposing political movements in still largely secular governed Turkey he then launched a movement that saw him ascend to Prime Minister under a President for 11 years. Mr Erdogan sought to advance his clear Islamisation agenda winning that Presidency and then slowly  expanding the Presidential powers to executive status while his divergent ideas on democracy became increasingly subverted as he drove to a reinstatement of Ottoman government powers in a journey to the century of secular Turkey as a state in 2022.

It is easy to think of this mangled Coup in terms of an agenda to fulfil his vision  with his very quick response to three thousand of his military now under arrest and facing increasingly dire retribution and it seems having no death penalty might be a myth. He has also acted with alacrity in removing an equal number of the Judiciary and other public officials from their power.
All in all as things stand after Fridays Coup the Erdogan forces seem a whole lot better organised than the plotters which is a little unusual in that the alleged plotters normally have a longer time to plan things and the threatened government are supposed to be surprised and somewhat dysfunctional.
Erdogan seems to have been indeed very fortunate and the plotters equally inept.

As for his so called dream of membership of the EU it will be rather problematic should executions be carried out, although they might get away with a few  "accidents" but 3000/6000 ?


Paulus said...

All the new Judges will be appointed to the Sharia Courts.
Would not be surprised if Erdogan knowingly let the revolt take place so he can accuse the others of treason.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Yes, there are many hall marks of a set up. An excuse to purge the country of all opposition.

Gerald said...

No evidence of a false flag.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

No Gerald, of course not.

Just like Poland in 1939.

Gerald said...

And your 2016 evidence is?????
Aw it simply conjecture.

Noel said...

One of the claims used to support the false flggers was why after the rebel fighters painted the PM Jet didn't they fire. Ah the fact he had a fighter escort might have had a bit to do with it.

Gerald you are correct at the moment there is a lot of conjecture without much substance.
Unsurprisingly much originating from the usual extreme sites.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Psycho Milt said...

The above two comments were delete by me - no problem with them, just that they were posted on the wrong thread.

The false flag rumours are presumably because the outcome is so damned convenient for Erdogan. This will probably turn out to be his "Reichstag fire" moment - an ideal opportunity to round up all your enemies and give yourself additional powers. On the plus side, now that Turkey's a similar basket case to Egypt the EU will have to drop the pretence that it's a candidate for membership.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Quite so.


How lame can you get?

Noel said...

You paint the PMs plane whilst you instruments tell you the fighter escort has painted you.
Adolf you can call it lame but I would call it survival instinct.

Interstingly when you read all the conspiracy therories been published at this moment most information threads back to extreme Christian sites. No surprises there.

You got any substantiated facts to offer Adolf?

Andrei said...

You would have to conclude that this coup fell over the way it did occurred because Erdogan had full knowledge of what was going to go down before it did because the plotters were betrayed by people within their own ranks

The same thing happened in Venezuela a few years ago

He let his enemies show their hand and had a response prepared

Gerald said...

Now yah talking Andrie. Obviously another CIA inspired Bay of Pigs.