Saturday, July 16, 2016


My good mate David Farrar over at Kiwiblog has as his by-line 'Fomenting Happy Mischief Since 2003' ....  and comes up with this little pearler.

Either Little or Turei failed to read what they were signing or they failed remedial reading 101.   Either way ... embarrassing.


gravedodger said...

Probably like the ToW we will just use the mardi version and make it up as we go along.

paul scott said...

Its pretty scary they are going to have an enquiry about homeless people and issue a written report. The report will be written. Here is the result.
@ The co-leaders of the Labour party have found that an emergency house building program is necessary, in inner Auckland, and that the homes should be sold or given to people wanting a home.

The document shows how clearly those little phone cameras work at close up range, good focus, and good resolution.

Paulus said...

And they are both supposed to be Lawyers !

The Veteran said...

I was particularly 'amused' by the comment from Viking2 at Kiwiblog "Very disingenuous (David). Where does it say that (referring to the headline - merger). They are cooperating for a housing inquiry, that’s fairly clear, well to me and I still speak and understand straight forward English".

Seems to me Viking2 doesn't.

Gerald said...

So this was a letter to an National Party MP, amongst others seeking cross party support for an initiative on housing. Resulting in the MP forwarding her copy to Farr to ferment mischief.

I think the lesson is more than simply improve their proofreading.

Anonymous said...

Ah well Veteran I did miss the signature line as I was interested in the content.

Doesn't change anything really.
The Nats are screwed on their housing and Farrar has taken of late to playing the negative which actually is sad but no doubt a Crosby Textor line even though Farrar used to rubbish exactly that type of statement from others.

Starting to sound negative like Little.
He needs to go back to drinking. Much more fun chappie then.

The Veteran said...

Gerald/Anon ... if 'they' can't even get their signature blocks right then one has to question how much faith we can put into whatever they come up with. Reminds me it was only a year or so back that thyey set up a similar inquiry into the 'crisis' in manufacturing. Problem was there was no crisis and the sector was and is booming.

Labour/Greeens are holding out a carrot when there is no carrot. The el cheapo, cut price, mass manufactured, basic housing units complete with zip garaging and zip backyards as proposed will make Ghetto Crescent in Cannons Creek or Mangere or wherever appear Remuera like a few years down the track.

Look, accessing ones first home is/was never easy. I did mine of an 18% first mortgage. If I was looking to access the market right now I would go for an apartment as my entry point and take it from there.

Gerald said...

So it was her.Figures.

Anonymous said...