Tuesday, July 12, 2016


In the UK the Conservatives have made an almost seamless transition in confirming Theresa May as their new leader and Prime Minister.

Compare that with these gems from Angela Eagle in her campaign to oust Jeremy Corbyn from the Labour Party leadership .... "I'm not a Blairite.   I'm not at Brownite.  I'm not a Corbynista (ouch).  I'm my own woman" and further "These are dark times for the Labour Party" and more "Jeremy Corbyn is unable to provide the leadership this huge task needs" (holding the government to account and then replace it by winning a general election).

Those comments 'balanced' by this from Corbyn supporter Len McCluskey, General Secretary of the Unite Union, who said that "the attempted political lynching of Mr Corbyn had snowballed into a wrecking operation against the Labour Party which had destroyed it 'temporarily' as a parliamentary force".

No doubt Angry Tory would applaud that (notwithstanding the self-inflicted nature of it) but the reality is that a functioning democracy needs a functioning opposition to hold it to account.    Labour isn't a functioning opposition.   I can't be ... it's at war with itself and it's a war where there ain't going to be any taking of prisoners.


Redbaiter said...

What a joke.

The missing opposition is not on the Labour side, its on the Conservative side.

It doesn't matter if Corbyn's mob goes under. They're the extreme left that do not matter.

The Conservatives under the ideological and philosophical traitor Cameron (and now his doppelganger May) are now the de-facto Labour Party.

The non existent part of the political spectrum in the UK is that part that extends rightward from the far left point.

Just as it is missing in NZ. Where the National Party has suffered from the same Mark Textor/ John Key driven surrender strategies for so long.

So sad to see, but when a country slides so far into the leftist mire, there's not much that can be done to rescue it. Just prepare yourself for the coming train wreck.

Both the UK and NZ are going to suffer a Venezuelan style melt down in the coming decades, and the shame is it could have been avoided if they'd had leaders who were brave and not craven progressive faction cowards.

The Veteran said...

And the really worrying thing is that Redbaiter actually believes what he writes. Only problem is that he is, in effect, arguing for a dictatorship where one man rules supreme in the Stalin/Hitler/Kim Jong-un mode and where democratic ideals are trampled on.

That's Redbaiters wet dream and that's all it is. He can count himself lucky he enjoys the freedom to spruke such crap. I wouldn't enjoy the same freedom in his sort of society.

Redbaiter said...

The Liberals in Australia lost a million votes this election.

And they did not go to the Labor Party, which had its lowest vote in decades.

Figure that one out and then think about what I am saying.

I, and others who write of the same ideas, am/ are expressing the will of the people. That will that they have been too frightened to express while political correctness (as championed by Labour and National in NZ) has ruled.

However the dam is breaking.

Time will prove me right. I am certain of it.

The Veteran said...

Red ... this thread is about UK politics. Stick to that pse. AS for Oz and yes the Liberals shed votes and the Nationals and One Nation and the NXP gained them. They went Right to the Nationals; Cenre Right to One Nation and Centre-Left to the NXP. Note too you're wrong with your contention that the Labor party had its lowest vote in decades ... last time round 34.9% vs currently 35.1% ... again, if you're going to argue intelligently get your facts right.

Anonymous said...

So we have an opposition that is not opposing and a Government that isn't governing.
Don't be too disheartened Veteran, Italy has been doing this for years...it really proves that most of them are superfluous and it is just a grand make work exercise at the taxpayers expense.

Lord Egbut

Redbaiter said...

Sorry Veteran, the numbers have changed a little in the last few days as the postal votes have been counted. You're right of course on the updated figures, but The Australian now reports thus-

"Labor’s 35 per cent primary vote is its second lowest since the 1930s. The vote for Coalition parties was 42 per cent. This leaves a growing 23 per cent of voters — one in four — who chose a minor party."

So the point remains solid.

Watch what happens in the UK election too when it comes around. People have had it up to here with self described anti-left wing parties who are anything but, and drift further leftward every election.

They're sick of supporting gutless losers like the Conservative party, (or National) on the basis that they are slightly better than Labour. You will see UKIP and maybe even NZ First draw their largest numbers ever.

Mark Textor has fallen flat on his face with this arrogant statement he made prior to the Australian election-

“The qualitative evidence is they (Conservatives) don’t matter, the sum of a more centrist approach outweighs any alleged marginal loss of so-called base voters.”

Only a fool would give this man another job in political strategy, which is probably why he'll again be helping May and the Conservatives and Key and the Nats in the next election cycle.

The Veteran said...

Red ... (1) The rationale for UKIP disappeared with Brexit. Sheesh, picking their new leader and they have ruled out three of the leading contenders including suspending one of them. (2) NZ First ain't a free-market party. They're Muldoon interventionist at best (3) tell me the last time Textor helped National here? Let me help you ... 2008. (4) Suggest you bone up on the stupid electoral system we have ... it's called MMP. Designed to ensure that no one Party can ever govern alone. Got that right. In NZL the tail will always wag the dog and people like you wonder why. At least Angry Tory has an answer ... ban Labour. Not overly practical in a democratic society though ... yours?

UK different story.

Redbaiter said...

Re your points 1) and 2)-

People are not voting for alternative parties because they like their policies, but because they want to park their vote while they're unhappy with the Liberals/ Conservatives.

Especially in Australia, where voting is compulsory.

They just do not want to be blackmailed anymore into voting for parties whose only strategy is making themselves the least possible amount better than Labour.

Voters are saying up yours, and will put there vote anywhere rather than with the lame surrender monkeys who pretend to be Conservative/ Center right but are really as far left as Labour.

The Veteran said...

Red ... in the Oz context you ignor the reality of PV and the fact that it comes down to the TPP vote.

In the NZL context MMP skewers the result to the point where Party manifestos are a wish list only and on the table when the inter-Party discussions take place about forming a Govt. But that's what the people voted for when they voted (and re-voted ) for MMP. You get what you voted for.

Noel said...

"You get what you voted for"

No "Others point out that, despite claims that proportional representation would promote consensus, New Zealand's political scene remains highly adversarial."

I'm with them, any failings of MMP firmly rest with the politicians.

Redbaiter said...

Textor and Key are great buddies and he still works for the Nats through his NZ associate company. To suggests the Progressive Textor's craven surrender tactics have no influence on Nat party policies and strategies is burying your head in the sand.

Good on Stephen Harper (Canada) for telling him where to go.

The Veteran said...

Red .. authenticate your statement pse.

The Veteran said...

Noel ... MMP is a failure and any system where the tail can wag the dog is a recipe for failure. Sometimes good government is about taking hard decisions and MMP can prevent that. Easy to blame the politicians when you hand them a poisoned chalice.

As for politics being adversarial. Quelle suprise. Of course politics is adversarial. It's a contest of ideas occasioned by two or more opposing sets of political philosophies some elements of which are diametrically opposed to the point where there is little chance of compromise. By definition there will be winners and losers. Anyone who thinks otherwise is divorced from reality and only in their wet dreams could there be a society where everyone sat round a table singing kum bay ya and all would be well.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Vet, there must be a few hundred thousand people in NZ with wet dreams.

You'll find many of them sitting in the pews on Sunday.

The Veteran said...

Adolf ... touche.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear....Master Baiter still believes it is compulsory to vote in OZ. I wonder if he has actually left the country at times.

It is compulsory to register on the day, ie, turn up. But what you do with, or write on the ballot paper is your own business.

Lord Egbut Nobacon.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


There are times when you'd be better to stay in bed all day.