Sunday, July 10, 2016

But What About The Rich Pricks?

The NSW state gummint is moving to totally ban greyhound racing on account of  apparent animal cruelty.   The whole thing started with another of those ABC Four Corners 'exposes' so Adolf is duly sceptical, especially when the alleged cruelty comprises the 'blooding' of dogs with small live animals and the 'mass killing' of greyhounds.

If mass killing is now an offense against modern sensibilities, we'd better stop the mass killing of sheep, cattle, pigs and poultry at the nation's abattoirs.

And if the ripping to pieces of small live animals by slobbering packs of dogs is to be prohibited then the ABC could well carry out an investigation of it's very own $400k per annum political guru, leftie Jonathan Green, who regularly dresses up in poofy clothes and rides off to hunt with the hounds.

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But hey, this is Australia where no-one cares about foxes.

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