Wednesday, July 20, 2016


For whatever reason I get to travel a lot.   Hotel living and Koru Lounges have long lost their glamour (if they ever had any to begin with).   What I do know is that the Bay of Islands Airport on touch down is something to be looked forward to.

For most of my travelling someone else picks up the tab.   My hotel room is charged back to whoever although I pick up the tab for other hotel expenses.
As it happens I avoid hotel meals and mini bar drinks like the plague so when I come to check-out it's very seldom that I have something to pay.

On check-in you are inevitably asked to present your credit-card which is then swiped.   When they do that it attracts a debit of $1 which is deducted from your account when you come to pay it.    But when you have nothing to pay ... the debit stands.  'They' do not automatically reverse it unless you ask ... bloody cheeky and, for the Hotel, it's money for old rope.  

A dollar is neither here not there.   It's the principal/principle that matters.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Back in the late seventies one very large Australian transport company had on every freight note a $0.10 administration charge which few ever questioned. It's purpose was explained to me as being necessary to enhance profit.

There were tens of millions of freight notes.

The Realist said...

It's like the grocer at a small rural town not far from here who always added a pound of butter to everyone's monthly account.

Anonymous said...

Like our local New World. Wife threw in a pack of dog bones for the kuri tonight.
Three pieces, $4.50. Bones was right. I've seen more meat on a rabbit chop. Now even dogs know the owner would shame Shylock. Even Scotsmen think he's being sarcastic.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Many years ago a stock and station agent in the North West of Western Australia found he had sold a saddle to a station owner but had failed to write out an invoice. He had 25 station owners among his clients so he invoiced them all, thinking the one who bought the saddle would pay.

15 of the 25 clients paid the bill.

Nice work if you can get it.

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy said...

As you know, I used to work for the same 'company' Veteran and travelled under the same conditions except I couldn't hand over a Credit Card because I refuse to have one.

When questioned my response that I wasn't stupid enough to have a credit card, pay exorbitant interest rates etc and if they didn't like it they could refuse to take me and forgo the 'companies' future business. Others in my team and particular trade did the same.

Had them fucked.