Thursday, July 14, 2016


The United Kingdom might have been sans a functioning government for some minutes this morning NZ time as David Cameron carried out his stated intention on the morning after Brexit and drove to Buckingham Palace from his official residence Number 10 Downing street to tender his resignation as Prime Minister in person to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the second.
Around the same time Therese May travelled to the Palace for Her Majesty to invite her to form a government Msrs May then returning to Number 10 to get on with it.

A meticulously orchestrated series of co-ordinated actions that quietly created the transfer of administrative power. It would have been little different had Cameron been defeated in a motion of confidence in The House of Commons or lost a General Election.

Contrast and compare that to the circus that grips the USA as a lame duck president continues in office facing a congress that has opposition majorities in both the House of Representatives and the Senate while after almost a year of posturing , lying and spending eye-watering millions of dollars it will be November before a successor to O'Bama is discovered and next January before an executive president is inaugurated.
There are times when our single cameral parliament could perhaps be augmented by a second chamber acting as a delay and reconsider function but on balance the ability to function as an executive under our version of the Westminster system serves us well.

Just watch as the West Island grapples with a narrow majority in the House with a dysfunctional senate waiting to thwart and stymie every move Turncoat makes as he strives to ward off the deeply wounded conservative wing of his coalition. A faction who saw their Champion knocked out by the schemer and his coterie of treacherous enablers who acted in haste in the leadup to the WA Canning by-election,  casting wrongly as things turned out,  serious doubt on Tony Abbott's inability to win an election. Turnbull almost destroyed Abbott's substantial majority and that result is still not clearly obvious nearly two weeks after the polling day.

Any version of elected Head of State and the accompanying circus entailed should be put to rest with the flag change.
If it aint broke don't fix it.

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