Saturday, July 2, 2016

A Case of Premature Election

   The left are experts at voter fraud - thats why the Democrats are so keen on letting gazillions of unskilled immigrants into thee US.   Most of them will vote Democrat.

A court case is underway in Minnesota  in which strong evidence is provided to the effect a Democrat senator owes his wafer-slim victory to the illegal votes of convicted felons.   And who can forget NZ's very on KFC elections in which Labour pulled a miraculous win out of an almost certain loss?

However, it seems the ubiquitous leftist so-called progressive influence in the western world is starting to unravel. 

The presidential election in Austria has been overturned by the courts on account of compelling evidence of widespread 'electoral irregularities.'

The far-right Freedom Party narrowly lost the tight presidential race in May .
But judges on Friday overturned the result and paved the way for a fresh poll which could see the party’s candidate Norbert Hofer triumph.
If elected, he will become the first far-right head of state of an EU country.

But his march into power was halted after the Freedom Party successfully challenged the result.
It claimed postal votes had been illegally and improperly handled.
Announcing the decision, Gerhard Holzinger, head of the Constitutional Court, said: “The challenge brought by Freedom Party leader Heinz-Christian Strache against the May 22 election... has been upheld.”

Oh dear, oh dear.  The Greens candidate won by less than a one percent margin but now their isto be a new election.   (Note well how the 'Freedom Party candidate is described as far right but the fellow from the Killer Greens is not described as 'far left.'

No wonder the pricks in the media still don't know what hit them last week.


Angry Tory said...

Look at the unskewed polls for the last two US elections, or reliable polls for the current US election!

D'RAT voter fraud from start to end. How else did someone who wasn't even a citizen get elected twice?
How else could someone who is a convicted felon even get a nomination, much less win?

Oh - and the Freedom Party - actually commonsense centre left politics: still supports high taxes, welfare, benefits, health services. Yes they want to leave Europe, but just ask Jeremy Corbyn - that's a leftwing position these days :-)

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


I'm so pleased to see you correctly use the word 'skewed.'

Members of the illiterate wankerati seem to prefer 'skewered.'

Perhaps this is in the vain hope all those little wooden pointed sticks poked into them will stop the opinion polls unraveling like a flap of roasting beef.

paul scott said...

Yes but if you screwed while you stewered you coming out all skewered.
This business in Austria is dynamite.
Add in Brexit to the election mix and we could get Axit

Angry Tory said...

we could get Axit

ABC just called it for the Libz.

Time for those lefties & unionists to realise: they are over, dead & done.

Time for Turnbull to do finish what Menzies started and Abbott carried on: and purge unions & Labour & Greens from the body politic!

David said...

Suck it up anal tory, Menzies tried to ban the Communist Party and got his arse handed to him by the High Court.

But it is god to see that the Ridiculous Right is always too afraid to compete in the market place of ideas and always has to resirt to bannings, witch hunts and the undermining of democracy.

Back under your bridge, troll boy

Angry Tory said...

Menzies tried to ban the Communist Party and got his arse handed to him by the High Court

Nope. He got is arse handed to him by the young liberals in the referendum, when they betrayed their party and voted with Labor to keep the Communists, Unionists --- and yes the Labor party --- in Australian politics. The constitutional amendment at stake in the referendum would have outlawed the Communist Party, but also put beyond any doubt that the government could also ban Labor and Unions.

At least in NZ we have no such excuse.