Friday, June 24, 2016


The opinion formers who lecture daily to the proletariat, most of whom become increasingly frustrated with the abomination they call news,  are abandoning their infotainment in droves, as they  have made a pigs arse of yet another democratic issue. Infotainment from publishers, through management and editorial down to the numpties masquerading as journalists have no freakin idea which way is up.

The last UK General election was a total rout of the Pollsters as they failed spectacularly to predict that outcome.

The talking heads are still failing to understand what is making Donald Trump still a contender although status that is starting to slide.

Today will be known as The United Kingdom Independence Day, well subtract one day for them having one more sleep.
June The 23rd 2016 is the day UK voters regained their sovereignty.

It was sad enough back in 1973  when Ted Heath who was considered by many to be  in the wrong party, turned the UK's collective back on a commonwealth that had shed blood twice in the preceeding half century fighting many of the nations now wooing Heath and his minions to join a free trade area made up of Germany, France, The Netherlands, Luxemburg, Belgium and Italy,  along with Denmark and Ireland.

As a free trade bloc there were clear economic advantages for the UK but having been spurned at the bloody alter by de Gaulle in 1963 and again in 1967 one might have thought the UK was not really wanted so that fact just made the abandonment of the Commonwealth all the more insulting. France however managed to gain associate membership or at least favourable trade terms going forward for its overseas posessions.

As the megalomaniac bureaucrats gained power and basket case economies were added "Brussells" as it became known became a self fulfilling bureaucratic nightmare, trade continued to blossom at the expense of taxpaying serfs.
No wonder many UK businesses, many now with considerable multinational investment and management, have been on a binge of bullying and lying to perpetrate their nice little number.
That someone can take on "Brussells" and win in UK courts only to be buried by another Court with little authority from the voter being sodomised has finally become understood by ordinary "Brits".

The "Six" began as a counter to a burgeoning Japan and the monolith that was the USA. The nine became the EEC European Economic Community, now labelled the E U, European Union, and Farage and Boris Johnson have just tossed a brick through Cameron,s window and it is just announced he will be gone by October, if not a whole lot sooner.

Some Moron on Red Radio started to say how around 1600 hrs, "it was a disaster" before I could reach the off button.
No Numpty the disaster was back in 1973 and has progressively gotten worse since. Didn't The Greece turmoil  tell anyone anything.

It is broken and needs a total overhaul so that the money trees growing hydroponically will die. The sooner the Voters of Europe wake up to reality the easier it will be to fix.
I hope Mr Key is listening and absorbing the lessons as some of his headlong drive to make NZ in his image will also need to take stock.

I had a good day.


Angry Tory said...

Donald Trump still a contender although status that is starting to slide.

As of today, TRUMP must be the leading candidate. The commentariat, the pollsters, the academics said Leave was behind Remain by pretty much the same about TRUMP is supposed to be behind Hitlery.

The UK choose independence by voting for BREXIT - and we hope they will continue by not signing up to any EU treaties, but getting rid of all the vestiges of Euro-Communism still in British law - from the "Human Rights" laws to "free movement" to "European Courts" and especially things ;ike the Euro-Warrant, Euro-Police, Euro-health card, and yes the Euro-laws preventing workers, protecting unions, and forcing the maintenance NHS and state schools...

UK has voted for Independence, to leave the EU. But real independence means getting rid of everything else that Atlee created between 1945 and 1950 when the EU was set up: National Insurance, NHS, Education Act, Council Housing. Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage can now finish the job Thatcher started --- and with any luck, we'll get an NZ Independence Party that will do the same here!

Anonymous said...

I still can't work out whether AT is 16 or 95. The French have nice saying that applies to him. "Il n'a pas les deux pieds sur la plate-forme"

Lord Egbut

Anonymous said...

EU set up in 1945/50?........pretty much sums up your grasp of the subject.

David said...

Eggy, remove the first digit from either option and you'd be closer ...

Angry Tory said...

1946 - Allies plan for "Closer European Integration"
1949 -Council of Europe
1950 - Schumann plan
1951 - Treaty of Paris
1956- Spaak Report
1957 - EEC
1972 - UK joins EEC
1979 - European Parliament
1986 - Single European Act
1993 - Maastricht Treaty
2002 - Euro
2009 - Lisbon Treaty

Similarly the Atlee govt, 1946-51 started the disasters of the NHS, National Insurance, Education Act, Council Housing etc.
Now the UK is INDEPENDENT again, we can get rid of all that Euro-Crap!

Psycho Milt said...

Have you considered getting your info about the EU somewhere other than the Daily Mail, Gravedodger?

Egbut: Angry Tory is a Wellington academic. I used to think his schtick was performance art, but it's gone on for so long I'm now assuming it's a way for him to say what he really thinks.