Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Willie Jackson doesn't get MMP after 20 years

Driving over the bridge today, I tuned into Radio Live.  Ali Mau and Willie Jackson had just started their lunchtime show, and Jackson in particular was heavily critical of the political analysis (particularly from the Right) on the Labour-Green partnership deal.  He confidently proclaimed that said analysts "don't know what they're talking about", and was very confident Matt McCarten was behind it as he did this when the Alliance and Labour did their deal in 1999 or 2002 (I can't recall what year it was).  In summary, he exclaimed it was a game-changer, and would change the government at next year's election.

His further evidence for changing the government came when he suggested Peter Dunne was worried about the possibility of the Greens not standing a candidate in Ohariu.  Apparently, Dunne had refused to go on record to comment on the partnership.  Jackson saw this as him being "worried" about his seat.  He then said Nikki Kaye was vulnerable in Auckland Central if the same deal could be done.

Jackson, who had just called political commentators (like Claire Trevett) stupid in their knowledge of politics, then said this (not verbatim): "Dunne loses, Kaye loses, that's two seats and bang, it's a change of government.  Everyone forgets that this government's majority is wafer thin".

Have I said Jackson kept calling other political commentators stupid?

It's reassuring Jackson doesn't know that the party vote sets the number of MPs in parliament.  I just hope he's relaying his misguided views back to his old warhorse leftie colleagues.


Anonymous said...

I've always had the impression Jackson believes MMP stands for More Maori Privilege and in the process does Maori considerable disservice.

Johno said...

Dunne's seat is an overhang as whatever-his-party-is-called wouldn't get a list seat anyway. So his seat is a bonus +1 for the Nats... or whoever he tags along with.

But Kaye's seat doesn't matter as if Labour got it they'd lose a list seat and the Nats would gain one. Adern would be over the moon to get the electorate though as it would end the constant mocking she gets for being unable to win an electorate despite her high list ranking.

It's all moot. Labour are stuffed no matter for two reasons both to do with Winston: First, Winston historically will go with the largest party which will be National. Second, Winston won't form a coalition with the Greens.

Nick K said...

I know Johno. It's astonishing Jackson claimed it was others who were stupid.

Shelldrake said...

Does any thinking person take Jackson seriously?