Saturday, June 4, 2016


Easy really ... because with the signing of the Labour/Greens electoral pact the chances of Winston First being a major player come the next election has just gone out the window.

Up until now Winston First has always maintained the position that the place for deals is post the election and after the cards have been dealt although to be fair he has also advocated that the Party with most seats has to be first cab of the rank in being given the opportunity to form the new government.

The Labour/Greens pact changes the dynamic in two ways.   While Labour is, by definition, devious, underhand and untrustworthy it will be very difficult for them post the election to turn their backs on the Greens ... just look at the grins on the faces of Jamie and the Gucci sheila at the news conference, sez it all.   That leads neatly to the second point ... Winston has made it clear many times in the past that he would not serve alongside the Greens in Cabinet.   We must accept that at face value because Winston is a man of his word ... isn't he!!!!

So, where does that leave Winston?   Somewhat out in the cold after having been well and truly cuckold by his options on the 'Left'.    As for National and my reading is that a Winston led NZ First is seen as too unpredictable to be courted as a serious coalition partner ... NZ First post Winston could be a different story always assuming there is a NZ First post Winston.

For all his bravado Winston First ain't a 'Happy Camper' and neither he should be.     And let's not even mention the $155k.


Noel said...

After reading the MoU detail it was apparent that the Labour Greens alliance had identified Nationals "Achilles heel".

Normally I don't watch Parliament but Question Time is going get real interesting next year.

JC said...

I'm in the camp that says Winston will grow his vote and might even overtake the Greens this time around. That makes a deal with National most likely or with a large enough swing to cause all sorts of mayhem on the left.


The Veteran said...

Noel ... the Labour/Greens alliance is a coalition of the centre-left and the left and, by itself, is unlikely to generate the numbers needed to govern. They need Winston First but Winston has said he won't have anything to do with the Greens (in government). That leaves NZ First with two options (1) offering confidence & supply support to a Labour/Greens minority government from the sidelines which is hardly an attractive option for NZ First and Winston given, I suspect, this will be his last hurrah or (2) some sort of deal with National ... possible but not designed to promote stable government given the antipathy that exists between Key and Peters.

And therein is the problem faced by Peters and Key and Little. Key, the pragmatic free-trader vs Peters the unreconstructed Muldoonist interventionist who is probably closer ideologically to Little who has cockold him in favour of Shaw and the Gucci bint.

Gonna be interesting.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


I'm not sure Peters ever has said 'he will not work with the Greens in government.'

He HAS said he won't sit in a cabinet in which there are Green ministers. Therein lies the wriggle room. All Little has to do is persuade Fatty and Skinny to support him without being given any ministerial baubles.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

The Veteran said...

Adolf ... you're correct but the Greens are done with being the bridesmaid and never the bride and hence the standoff position that Little now finds himself in.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Yes. Of course.

It's great entertainment.