Monday, June 13, 2016


Wayne Barnes the English referee many New Zealand Rugby aficionados will never respect made an absolute howler at Eden Fort on Saturday night.

That it had no influence as to the final result is of no moment, he displayed an arrogant disregard for the lawful ruling of his TMO that was  a blatant error and totally wrong under the rule that George correctly advised Barnes on.

Now I have no current knowledge of George Ayub's physical fitness but am convinced the man who has not whistled on a major stadium for a long time must have an ability to watch a TV screen and make decisions that fall within the standards of those charged to administer world rugby refereeing appointments.

Wayne Barnes on the other hand has a demonstrable mind block when he is appointed to adjudicate matches involving the All Blacks.

The legends began way back in 2007 at The Millennium Stadium in Cardiff where Welsh / New Zealand rugby drama began in 1905 when Bob Deans ended a move near fulltime started by Billy Wallace in the NZ half and when Deans cut back to the posts to enable a better chance for a conversion to break what would have been a 3 all deadlock, referee John Dallas dressed in street clothes and shoes was still thirty yards away.  When he finally arrived the melee had moved Deans and the ball back into the field of play,  on the evidence he ruled no try and Wales had the first of their three wins over NZ.
Welsh star Ted Morgan who had given the home team its three points that gave them the win was seen in London on the evening of the match.  Being asked why he wasn't in Cardiff where the Welsh were still in full song for ending the grand slam hopes of the Invincibles, he replied Wales did not win as it was a fair try.
Move forward to 1978 when the ABs were behind late in the game, again at The Arms Park, Referee, another  Pom, Roger Quittenden awarded the All Blacks a penalty that Dual international (he was the batsman facing Trevor's infamous underarm delivery) Brian McKechnie converted for the win. RQ claimed he had awarded it against a Welsh player who had in his opinion "jumped off the shoulder" of Frank Oliver, while many were convinced he had penalised the Welsh when Andy Haden "dived"  from that lineout.

Then enter  Wayne Barnes at the beginning of his whistling career in 1997 when he missed two forward passes that gave a rampant French side their victory in the World cup knockout match.
Nine years later Wayne takes the unprecedented option to over-rule a clear decision from TMO George Ayub that Cruden's pass was not a forward pass and then rules no try for "T J" Peronara.

Wayne you need to take a cement pill and watch the video Patrick McKendry has put on the Herald online edition.
It clearly explains how Physics can make a lawful pass appear forward under the rules. Rules that have a ball leave the passing players hands and travelling away from the opposition goal line as not a Forward Pass in spite of the fact that the ball may actually travel forward from delivery point due to the momentum of the players. The relevant physics law is "relevant velocity".
"Jesus at Full back Wayne"  or shortened to Jeeze Wane, had Cruden tossed the ball back over his freakin head it would have still landed forward of release point, and I guess you ignorant pom, you would still have over-ruled Old George upstairs.

Such total disregard for the rules and systems convinces me you need to head back to under fives until you work things out, Dallas had his fitness and his garb as excuses, Quittenden had visibility and no replays to support his error if it is accepted Haden won  for his team by cheating,  your inexperience and poor vision was part of the WC clanger but on Saturday night you were weighed and found wanting and it was all down to you.
The thirty players, the betting public and fans around the world deserve much better.


JC said...

2007, not 1997 was the French win over the ABs with Barnes officiating.

Barnes has since built a pretty good rep as a ref but with still the ability to occasionally miss something blatant and override his fellow refs.. strange.


gravedodger said...

Ta JC, another decade would be cruel and unusual punishment.