Wednesday, June 15, 2016


Unfolding news yesterday had potential to save many from themselves.

Methamphetamine claimed to have a street value of half a billion dollars was seized on the southern end of 90 mile beach.
Assuming that value was based on market indicators before this Half a Tonne was seized and removed, wont basic market forces  move that street price higher or is it a very small blip in the illegal drug trade.

We don't know if it was destined for NZ idiots or in transit, my suspicions dwell with the former.

There is much published information on the serious addiction and health risks that such a massive quantity of the poison presents so we should be celebrating but the idiot media in their headlong rush for relevance have again placed their egos above reason.
Did the public interest really need to know how the police discovered the additional fifty kilograms to add to the 488 kg already seized.
Why not the simpler and safer option of: 'Police acting on additional information from their inquiries have seized an additional fifty Kg linked to the original discovery'.
Garner in his ongoing search for relevance in the increasingly irrelevant MSM last night, was driven to give details that were of little interest to his listening public but would be of enormous assistance to the next bunch of morons risking life behind bars to gain access to the almost unimaginable wealth on offer to drug dealers.

The questions still to be answered will include, how will the biggest losers react to the seriously lost dosh that this bust will create for financiers and others denied the big rewards, now reduced to ashes.

While the debate rages between concerned citizens, MPs with conflicting attitudes to serious crime and a judiciary totally conflicted as to how Joe and Josephine regard crime and punishment along with well established published data on how drugs such as Methamphetamine are destroying lives, is it time to review the punishment relating to drug crime.
I  am still totally opposed to capital punishment as the ultimate state sanction but I am coming to an acceptance of strong hooks in cell ceilings supported by wobbly stools and short ropes for some of the scum who have no understanding of right and wrong,  as aids to further study and understanding.
In this recent case of drug offences, maybe, as the seized drugs will surely be destined for destruction, make copious quantities available to the perpetrators as a relief from the depredations of incarceration along with the very best delivery systems currently in use.
To those who might go all soppy and soft on such actions and the stress placed in the path of corrections staff, take another cement pill, Police Fire and Ambulance are required to face such appalling scenes all too often in their daily jobs.

As regards the clear "assisted suicide" implications, get over it, the state is merely offering these dregs of society a last chance to make a meaningful gesture of restitution and atonement.

Well done Mike Bush and your dedicated too often maligned defenders of our society.

To the bad bastards who were involved in this attack on our way of life, freezing on the floor of a damp concrete cell with a single drain hole for the release of body wastes seems far too kind, not that what awaits them is anything of the sort, but it does have a resonance for me.


Johno said...

Clever bit of work by plod there. They looked at the history tracks on a gps they found in one of the cars and that's what lead them to the the drugs buried in sand dunes.

Take that one off traffic and put him in a suit.

Anonymous said...

Fresh and still keen were the secret ingredients. Time to send him on a course about mediocrity so he doesn't show up the rest.


Noel said...

Be interesting if they uncover the chain back from the bouy in the ocean.

Gerald said...

I wonder if Judith Collins is going to have her photo op with her hands on the suitcase allowing the potential for contamination of the chain of evidence.

The Veteran said...

Snide comment Gerald.

Gerald said...

Wouldn't be the first time a Minister has done just that. To the dismay of the out of shot uniforms.

Johno said...

Really, Gerald? Sounds like BS to me.

Please cite an instance of a Minister contaminating a chain of evidence in a photo-op (or any other situation)?

Anonymous said...

Pete said...

I agree there is over much in the media about methods used. I want this style of successful action to continue and would caution about disclosing techniques or facilitating media waffle. I note there is at least one resident of the far North uneasy that his innocent involvement is now public information and thus a risk to his wellbeing.

Noel said...

That guy had sone interesting information.
15 year or so back there was speculation there could be lab in the Pacific.
Two years ago a Tongan policeman and two Chinese we charged with inportation of psuedoephadrine.
Early this year a Chinese woman was charged with transitting a large quantity of pseudoephedrine to Tonga disguised as corn starch. She had owned the facility for 16 years.
Now a large shipment of crystal meth has been picked up on the west coast by alledged trafficators two of whom the disguised one claimed were Tongan.

Nah....just a coincidence.

Gerald said...


Thank you Anon 4.14 for that reminder.

"Defence Counsel "After our forensic people had access to the evidence they found two blonde hairs. Where they there when your people did their investigation."
Dective"Ahhh" refers to notebook.
Defence Counsel "You are aware my client is a brunette?"