Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Slowest Ever Shipwreck?

That about sums up Labour today in NZ.  Watching the deathlike debacle has become boring.  They are a gang or nincompoops with no money, no members, no policies, no future and no brains.

All they have is their nine year lament "John Key Is A Bastard - Vote For Us"  Never mind the fact that their leader looks and sounds like the morose man's humorless Arthur Askey.

God knows, enough people way smarter than Adolf have tried to point out the error of their ways and offer a pathway to electoral success but all of them have been rebuffed.  So, dear readers, one more page of gratuitous advice won't do them any harm, will it?

And before I am accused of ratting on my beloved Gnat Party, let me say I'd be doing the party a favour if somehow my musing's helped result in a competent cohesive opposition.  At present there is no opposition and the Gnats are strolling effortlessly to victory in 2017 and stumbling in the process.  I'd like to see my party break out and do a few spectacular things which might result in a party vote closer to 55% than 50%.  Currently there is no incentive to do anything other than keep their heads down. And who can blame them for that?  That's pragmatic politics, of which John Key is a master.

Anyway, here's what I think needs to happen to Labour.

First, the non union, non LBGT members of parliament with some ability need to cast off Labour and leave it to the unions which control it anyway.  Then they need a sugar daddy with a couple of million bucks.  (What the hell was that corpulent kraut going to do with four million dollars?)

They should form a new party of the centre (that's where the votes are) and take with them the non communist members of the Greens.  Leave the idiots of the hard left to duke it out amongst themselves and McCarten as they sink further into socialist irrelevance.

Who might the new team be and what might be it's name?   (I'm attracted to "Go NZ!')

Let's see.  Nash, O'Connor, Shearer, Parker, Whaitiri, Genter, Hague, Shaw, Jones, Pagani, Quinn,

Forget about 2017, the treasury benches in 2020 should be the goal and here is a recipe for success.

Do not criticise the National Party or the PM unless there is a clear policy issue which stands up to scrutiny.  That means - no more John Key bashing.  No more Judith Collins baiting.  No more opposing for the sake of opposing. It didn't work before, it ain't working now and it won't work in the future.

There is four years in which to build a party, set up electorate committees and select quality candidates.   No shop stewards and no LGBT activists.

Gather some bright young minds and produce a policy manifesto which outdoes the Gnats at what they are doing.   Among others, employ Cameron Slater and Lindsay Mitchell as consultants.  Have nothing to do with Brian Gould or any other habitual loser.


Produce an alternative balanced budget which includes the sale of Landcorp and redeployment of the sales proceeds into health and education  This budget must be in surplus.


Announce major cuts to income tax, mainly funded by a reduction in WFF and the elimination of the tax advantages currently enjoyed by pseudo charities (eg Sanitarium) and IWI.

Stop babbling about capital gains tax.  IRD already taxes speculators on their profits. Most of them declare their profits and happily pay the tax.


Support charter schools as a necessary part of a complex and much larger education system. Leave Hipkins behind with the other lot.  Do not allow Davis to visit another prison - make him stick to schools - an area in which he has strong credibility..

Raise the academic bar for acceptance into university.  Reduce the number of 'humanities and political/social science' places and increase the number of chemistry, physics, engineering, ,medicine, economics, ag science and accounting places.


Commit to an increase in long term defense spending.  Suggest negotiating the permanent hosting of an Australian fighter squadron at Ohakea as a major new contribution to ANZUS.


Support National when it legislates to force Auckland CC to release more land for housing.


Initiate a debate on the use of nuclear power generation.  (Westinghouse just signed up to build ten new nuclear power plants in India.)  Encourage onshore and offshore oil and gas exploration.

Abolish subsidies for so-called 'renewable energy' projects.


Substantially reduce the amount of government funding for big and medium sized businesses.  Make sure each example funded has ironclad justification.  (eg The Hobbit)


Do not hold press conferences and do not agree to interviews which are edited, unless you are able to correct inaccuracies and malevolent editing before publication or broadcast.  Post unedited transcripts of every interview on your website, the day it is published by the media.  Where they edit without your knowledge, sue their arses off.

Where will it all end?  You'll be in government for twenty years, in coalition with the National Party.


Allan said...

Your article is well constructed, full of great innovative ideas and above all common sense. Alas for the Labour Party and its current leadership. They are totally bereft of all of that and, because of that fact incapable of being able to Govern. Long may it last mind you looking at the train wrecks of economies that have been ruled by Socialist Governments over the last few years. Talk about a bunch of hopeless losers.

Eric said...

Excellent advice.

Party President - Nick Leggett

Anonymous said...

"and no LGBT activists."

What do you think Hague is ?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

anonymous @ 5:15

I don't see him, or Chris Finlayson, as 'activists.'

Perhaps you stopped reading before you got to that word.

Pete said...

A well considered suggestion and with good supportable and straightforward elements.

Well done

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Since writing this piece, it has occurred to me such a arty likely would win two or more electorate seats and may well exceed 5% part vote in 2017.

They may not need a sugar daddy. All they need is National to have a quiet word with its major donors.

That would really put the cat among thee pigeons.

No more peter Dunne.

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