Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Non Agression Pact

On August 23rd 1939, a now infamous non-aggression pact was signed by Ribbentrop and Molotov on behalf of Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia.  (This allowed Germany to concentrate on Western Europe and invading Great Britain, thereby defeating the demon Winston Churchill.) The pact meant Germany and Russia would be 'nice to each other' until one of them decided it was time to be nasty.   Germany so decided and, on June 22nd 1941, Operation Barbarossa was launched.  Of course the rest is history.

Nothing ever is new and last week a non aggression pact was signed in NZ between Labour and the Greens.  It's is difficult to figure out which of them is the Nazi and which is the communist because both are loaded with Marxists but never mind.  They think their pact will allow them both to concentrate on seeing off National and defeating the demon John Key.

Good luck to them.  They'll need plenty.

Adolf eagerly looks forward to the onset of Operation Barbarossa and the resulting disaster.

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Angry Tory said...

We have a government that it's own state broadcaster described as communist.

No socialist, no social-democrat, not centre-right, not centre, but communist.

Then we have pretty much another half of the voters voting for parties that are to the left of the communists - whatever that makes them! Stalinists to Key's Leninists I guess.

What NZ needs, more than ever, is a single, sensible Right party, like TRUMP / Wilders / Le Pen that will finish the job that Ruth Richardson started, end welfare (including state health, state education, CYF, etc) and return freedom to NZ.