Thursday, June 9, 2016


In truth a very long established "fact",  now a political football

Asian chefs called 'Bruce',
Dairy farm workers not called 'Angelo',
IT competent  operators called 'Bill',
 Rest home carers called 'Maricel',
Big Rig drivers called 'Tristam',
And this morning Mike Hosking reports "Bar Managers" called ' available'.

In the headlong rush back to Lil Old NU Ziland, daily reports of the housing crisis, Nu Ziland jobs at serious risk of endangered species status, Hosking reveals that the hospitality industry wants "Bar Managers" added to the list of essential workers, for reasons of relief, for migrant workers.

Asian Cuisine, Dairy worker, IT expert, Rest home carer, Truck driver, positions are all being increasingly filled by either skilled migrants or migrants keen, motivated and willing to learn foreign workers while beneficiaries that the socialists, the melons and good ole boy Mr Xenophobia hisself daily rail about, as being consigned to a life of depredation and poverty due to someone else taking the jobs.
Then there is the serious problems around "gentrification" of the workforce.

According to the figures Hosking quoted there is a 1% chance of filling a vacancy for a Bar Manager from a WINZ referral and it can take between six months to a year to find a suitable applicant due to a serious available pool deficit.

I have opined for decades that any reference to an unemployment statistic in welfare damaged New Zealand, should ignore the underpinning 5% as a basis as it is a figure  referring to an almost disqualified unemployable for any of too many reasons.
Reasons that welfare perpetuates in insidious ways.

There are many jobs out there that are significantly, and rightly regarded as less than desirable jobs, that carry an inherent cost value that is easily crossed to unaffordable, and with one of the more generous welfare regimes in place it takes a very short time for people who reside in the netherworld of the 5% to choose not to apply for the work or by attitude, commitment, education, drug and alcohol use, render themselves unavailable.

It seems entirely beyond comprehension why so many of the 5% must live in unaffordable accommodation in soclled desirable centres, while many State houses are deemed surplus by Housing Corp because there are no takers for them in Wanganui, Gore and so many other locales.

How hard to gain the qualification as a "Bar Manager", not very, however when honesty,  enthusiasm, reliability and a clean slate are added in, it becomes apparent why the hospitality industry has made it's request.


paul scott said...

Interesting, about the five %. Uninteresting about the throw away prejudice to Mr. Xenophobia. It downgrades the value of the article.
I will be researching Immigration over the next few months. Immigration will be an Election issue, maybe more so than race based privilege. I am disinterested in the results of research and so have no required outcome. I will be in contact with NZ First.
I do not see that ipso facto a rigorous Immigration policy is xenophobic.

The Veteran said...

You are 'disinterested' in the issue and will be contacting Winston First. Bit like seeking out the 'pro-lifers' for their views on abortion. By any measure Winston First is pro-immigration as long as they are WASPs (White, Anglo-Saxon and Protestant).

paul scott said...

Yes, Veteran, you can do more inside the tent, than the outside. I think it is good to work in an area where you do not have emotionally required outcomes. Immigration policy from NZF, and rigorous rules, are not ipso facto racist. One area I am not disinterested is that of importing terrorists.