Saturday, June 11, 2016


On tour, random questions ?

The next "rest area" will be on the right hand side of the highway.
A great diesel pump price will be protected by a median barrier or at least a double yellow line.
The passing lane will end just as the vehicle that has been in the mirrors since the last lane opportunity, begins to overtake.
A late model car with tinted windows, spoiler, expensive alloys will salute with a raised finger at the end of a hairy tatooed arm while a truckie will give a toot toot and or a flash of hazards after we have made overtaking easier by pulling over.
Why are laybys that do come up  on the left, have massive potholes that threaten vehicles pulling over.
Main centres with attractions will have a bypass while tinpot townships with maybe an "on the spot"  shop  wont even have a widened sealed verge.
Expresways and motorways will have great signage informing the name of a side street from next exit but no clue what it will actually access.
The scenic value of any road will have weather in direct negative for appreciation.
Plod will appear in mirrors and be there for several kms just after or just before some moron makes a life threatening manouvre that plod wont witness.
*555 is only of moment when no cellphone signal is available.
Only made Tauranga so far and the "winterless north" is a mirage.
Are driver licences  on weetbix packaging or not necessary.
So many great cycle tracks along side many highways and cycles not to be seen.
Have a happyday


Gerald said...

Oh shit he's on the North Island. Tell your Muslim neighbours to keep a low profile.

pdm said...

If you are coming to `The Bay' GD give us a yell - maybe we can catch up for a beer or coffee.

The Veteran said...

The 'winterless North' would be happy to offer hospitality. Not a cloud in the sky in Paihia and 21c.

paul scott said...

ahha He hasn't done much driving in Australia I think. An 18 wheeler 5 meters behind you at 110 kmph, and the driver on speed. The left side of the road has massive water collecting ravines, so you can't duck out that way. This guy means to kill you, for being in front of him. Yes in Australia they do have rest ways on the other side of the road, and drug addicts in trucks. Don't get inattentive now, because the speed conditions vary like pop up signs between 40kph and 120kph, and those red flashes under the bridge, well they are infra red distance speed measurements.
And once you think you can handle Australia, especially NSW, you move on up to Thailand. Here we have 22 wheelers across the yellow line, on your left hand lane, in your face, and you have four seconds to live.

The bicycle tracks in New Zealand are there because we hate cars, they are not for cyclists.