Saturday, June 25, 2016


Not from where I stand.

Born in 1966 educated in prepschools, then on to Eton and Oxford.

Age 22 entered the cloistered world of Conservative Party politics totally removed from the realities of working and being rewarded for achievement.

Rising to lead a Conservative Party that had endured the 'Blair' years and defeated the dour Scotsman Gordon 'Broon', about as significant as The All blacks defeating Namibia.

Then in a classic error of judgement decided to hang his hat, frockcoat and handkerchief on the referendum to exit the now quite dysfunctional bureaucratic nightmare that is "Brussells" in a fraught wholesale support position for UK to 'remain'.  Ignoring the alternative of stating his belief that the UK should stay in The EU and then allowing others to campaign,  Saint David with his total belief in his rightness stood on the scaffold and was somewhat surprised when it became a place of doom.
At least he had the intestinal fortitude to recognise how compromised he was and resigned, but Saint, I do not accept that.
Just another political animal who chose to deny the truth that electors have in their midst people who have risked all with a bank only to be cut down.  Started a business and suffered the slings and arrows of numpties in power make things difficult even to a point where destroying the dream is the outcome. Entrepreneurs watching Politicians withdrawing created wealth from commerce to donate to consumptive vote buying enterprise that destroys the ability of the target people to get up and do something to improve their lot. Dabbling in social change not to solve problems but only eventuating in further destruction of the fabric of a society, thousands of years in its creation to have it rent asunder in a couple of generations.

Cameron's legacy will be the ending of EU domination of The UK and only time will reveal whether his stupidity was a step to sainthood or an albatross such as still hangs around Neville Chamberlains neck.

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