Sunday, June 12, 2016


Fiji vs Tonga ... great game.   One can only wonder what Fiji will be like should they decide to play 80 minute Rugby instead of just 40 minutes in the second half.

ABs vs Wales ... better game.   Wales were good but the ABs were better.   Kieran Reid clearly a worthy successor to the great Richie McCaw.   Looking forward to the rest of the series with great anticipation.  

Oz vs Poms ... scrappy, too many penalties and too much kicking.   Poms deserved their victory.   My own Rugby career was stellar in its mediocrity but it was a given that when you hit the field you were fired up and ready to play.   My heart goes out to the players in that game.    Subjected to several minutes of a rambling speech by some lady aboriginal worthy about how Suncorp stadium was 'their' hunting ground and how see felt able to cheer for both sides because she had English blood in her veins was PC gone mad by the Australian Rugby Union.      Bad decision I hope never to be repeated ... anywhere.

1214 am ... off to bed.


Anonymous said...

England's Islanders, Kiwis's and Sth Africans were better than the Welsh Islanders, Kiwi's, English and Sth Africans.

Time we got rid of this "Tests between Nations" nonsense and called it what it is Club Rugby on national scale. I yearn for the days when you had to be born in Yorkshire in order to play cricket for Yorkshire.

My rugby career was much less inspiring than Veterans. Being of slim build and fast I always played wing in the army. If I had the ball I always managed to kick it before my oppo laid a hand on me and when I was required to stop some brute hurtling towards me I discovered that if they had the ball under their right arm they dodged to their right so made a tremendous attempt at tackling to to my right..bugger missed again.

Lord Egbut

The Veteran said...

I too hark back to the time when scrums were scrums and rucking wasn't a dirty word but, like many things, the world has moved on since then ... some good and some not so good. Not sure you will ever see a Tongan or Samoan player (or anyone else) in a Fijian Rugby Team and vice versa. That would cause rioting in the Grandstand.