Sunday, June 5, 2016

Rattus norvegicus or Rattus Marxenglecus.

What was intended when A Little party leader with a couple of plump chicks and a leaner, if somewhat discombobulated second male who gave all the body language of a priest at a jewish wedding? the facts may remain a mystery for months, even until the dust settles on the 2017 election.

Even where the betrothal was hatched is somewhat shrouded with some NZLP centrists giving it treatment that suggests widespread consultation was not actually participated in fully by some if not in fact too few of the rank and file.

Certainly Damien O'Connor currently MP for West Coast, the very heart of the origins of the party approaching it's centennial, was less than excited at the shotgun marriage of his party to the other socialist bunch who have wreaked destruction on the economic strength of his electorate in far too many attempts at wealth creation.

The party of unions that was originally the fiefdom of miners to the exclusion of all else, until it was realised that to reach the levers of power the NZLP needed to reach out to other workers, farmers and small business operators, only then  academics saw a potential and those originals must now be spinning in their graves.

Waihi and Blackball mining figures prominently in the origins of socialist Labour but with the evisceration of mining , a central plank of Green Party foundations, the betrothal will not resonate with Poor old Damien and along with the plethora of single issue groups that compete for oxygen and for  positions of prominence at the cost of all else in Labour, it all leaves one wondering who is behind it.

My prime suspect is right at the centre of the parliamentary Labour Party,  smack in the guts, Matt McCartin,  chief of staff to the leaders office first appointed by David Cunliffe, remember him, the chap "sorry" for being a man, then onwards and upwards to that same position for the little angry one.
McCartin the man who was involved in creating the funeral pyre of The Alliance.
Long time member of  Labour, Matt departed with the Troughmaster General to form The Alliance him as President and Jamberton as it political leader. That dream team ended when Jim and Matt began divorce proceedings. Then came a sojourn with the Unite union notable for its $150k debt to IRD that ended with a receivership and unpaid debt of over $100k due to no further "assets". Excuse me how come investers (read union members)  didn't figure as a source of recovery funds.
Anyway then a flirtation with Hadfield and the conception of the hydra under The Fat Krauts largesse only for a sudden departure to silent "T"s  ill-fated lurch left

Is it any wonder some of the more sceptical are asking if Matt is the limpet mine to destroy labour as a one hundredth birthday present from the far left.


The Veteran said...

GD ... you have excelled yourself. Lovely turn of phase ... and pretty much on the money too. A marriage of left and and the more left bulldozed thru and leaving the likes of O'Connor and Nash gasping in the 'wake' is hardly made in heaven and has all the hallmarks of a 99 YO has-been courting a 20 YO 'virgin' with each one determined to get a slice of the others fortune.

Meanwhile the centre ground of the body politik look disbelievingly at the ritual luv fest and say yuk.

Paulus said...

Where does Russell Norman fit into this - much deeper than you would have thought as he controls a large financial tax free conglomerate in New Zealand now - part of the big conspiracy.

paul scott said...

Too funny. I had to get straight into google disambulation, to get undiscombobulated.
I can not put Hadfield in the jigsaw, and I have a spare piece called Hone.