Wednesday, June 1, 2016


I see the pinstripe dwarf is all upset that the government is committed to increasing the tobacco excise duty arguing that if National were serious about the health risks associated with smoking it should simply ban the product.

Another example of Peters looking for a headline ... and getting it. But what's missing in his faux outrage is what his Party policy is .... and, quelle suprise, it doesn't have one.    Their 2014 Manifesto is silent on the issue.    All we have from NZ First is crocodile tears that the increase in duty will mean that children will go hungry (Fletcher Tabuteau) .... give me a break.   If parents choose to smoke. gamble, drink whatever in preference to providing for their children then there is nothing anyone can do to prevent that ... hold on, we could ban smoking, gambling, drinking ... yeah right.   Is that NZ First's policy?

Peters is a smoker ... spot the connection.


Noel said...

Something about no smoking at Parliament in last night news.

I wonder how much leadership by example the trough feeders will show?

Shelldrake said...

Where did the $150,000 go? How is it that there has never been a serious attempt to recover it?