Monday, June 20, 2016


From an outsider looking in and it appears to me that the Brexit star was in the ascendancy until that 'nutter' killed Jo Cox and became, rightly or wrongly, identified with the Brexit campaign and then, to compound their problems, along comes Nigel Farange, lose cannon and leader of UKIP, who the official Brexit campaign spurned as too much 'off the wall' with his message here that has the moderates in the Brexit campaign rolling their eyes as a huge own goal.

FFS ... these are images taken from Europe.    The people depicted do not enjoy right of entry into the UK.

Farange's message resonates with the nutters.   It was a nutter that killed Jo Cox.   Spot the connection.

Extremism can damage legitimate campaigns.   I suspect the Brexit campaigners are about to find that out to their sorrow.    I suspect too the GOP will regret at leisure allowing their Party to be captured by Trump.   America deserves better ... much better than the lessor of two evils.  


Anonymous said...

I have been quietly confident that it will be a remain result for a long time. I base this on asking my 16 year old grandson and 13 year old granddaughter and their friends who are not eligible to vote but far more aware of the politics than I was at their age.

The pollsters are asking the wrong people....the young who have the most to lose will carry the day. I'm not voting as any result will have little impact on my remaining years, in fact old farts should not be permitted to decide the youth of todays future on the Basis that "It was better in my Day" and "wogs and undrinkable water start at Calais".

To all those who want to chuck their sixpence worth in I remind them of the Roman General Scipio who was being ferried across a river the day before a big battle.
The boatman ventured to ask "Do you think you will win tomorrow sir?"

Scipio looked down his patrician nose and replied "Win or lose you will still be a boatman."

Lord Egbut Nobacon

The Veteran said...

Colin James's column in the OTD today nails it pretty well ....

On Thursday Britain will vote to leave the European Union or not. In November the United States will vote to have Donald Trump as President or not.

Either would send global shockwaves.

A rocky two years would follow a "Brexit" vote as exit terms were negotiated. It would weaken the European Union, with geopolitical implications. There would be trans-Atlantic, European and wider economic impacts.

A Trump presidency's impact at home and abroad would be unpredictable, a potentially disorderly political and economic force in an already increasingly disordered world.

Even votes to stay or for Hillary Clinton would, if the margins are narrow, cause global political and economic shivers.

Brexit-ism and Trump-ism are symptoms of deep ills, reactions against all-knowing and all-owning elites who have presided over growing inequalities and other societal reshapings that have upset, disempowered, dispossessed or scarred "everyday" folk who feel left out and/or let down, outcasts-in-their-own-lands.

Across Europe this mood has lifted anti-elite parties' votes and installed anti-elite regimes in Greece and Poland.

So even "Bremain" or pro-Clinton votes would not be durably definitive. The post-1945 liberal-democratic hegemony of centre-right/centre-left parties in the "west" is ending. What comes next is unclear -- and western-type countries alone will not decide as they have for 250 years.

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... fascinated by your comment that you're abstaining from voting .... and if Brexit wins by one vote? One can argue that those who choose not to exercise their right to vote forfeit the right to criticize the result should it not go the way they hope it will.

Serious question. Am I right in assuming the vote is determined on a nation wide basis rather than on a constituency basis?

Noel said...

"Egbut ... fascinated by your comment that you're abstaining from voting .... and if Brexit wins by one vote? One can argue that those who choose not to exercise their right to vote forfeit the right to criticize the result should it not go the way they hope it will."

I dunno. Have to applaud him for his reasoning. If its for exit most commentators admit the real affects wont be apparent for another 10 years.

The Veteran said...

Noel ... care to reference your ascertain about most commentators arguing that the real affects (sic) won't be apparent for another ten years.

Noel said...

David said...

Noel, your link is munted.

regardless of the vote, unless it approaches 70% leave, the UK will remain in Europe. The vote is not binding, and cooler heads in parliament will make the right decision.

Leaving Europe is not a simple matter. It could take 20 years to write all the new legislation that would be needed. It would cost billions to reimplement things such as immigration and customs control.

The disaffected WASPs and racists will remain disaffected, no matter what. The rest of the nation will get on with life.

Noel said...

"It could take 20 years to write all the new legislation that would be needed"

Which is a good reason for not voting if one isn't going to be alive to see it.
I'm with his Lordship on this one regardless of Veterans slight.

The Veteran said...

Noel ... sigh.

Anonymous said...

One man one vote. Orginised by constituencies as the systems are in place but not counted as constituencies.

Lord Egbut

paul scott said...

Cynical comments here, basically @ its all too hard, so lets allow 10,000 bureaucrats, in Brussels keep ruling us . Their salaries about E300,000 a year. And anyway old people don't count @

The link to effects on NZ

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... thank you.

Anonymous said...

Mr Scott...please stop reading newspapers, it's bad for reality checks. The European Commission doesn’t make laws. It only makes proposals, which are then debated, amended and passed (or rejected) by elected national governments and directly-elected MEPs.

The commission have influence but not the overwhelming power that people think they have nor are there 10,000 bureaucrats involved......there are about 5,000 office workers.

If you want to talk about the unelected having power over us just look at the spin doctors hired by Governments.....Alistair Campbell and Mandelson spring to mind.

Lord Egbut Nobacon