Tuesday, June 7, 2016


With just over two weeks remaining until voting and with the rolling average of polls showing the 'out' vote in front (48% to 43% with 9% don't knows) the debate has become acrimonious and ugly with the Tory Party hopelessly split on the issue while the Labour Party 'working class' vote appears to be fracturing in favor of Brexit (and, by extension, UKIP ... a real motley crew) and in defiance of Labour's official position.  

Whatever the result I'm not sure UK politics will ever be the same again.   The divisions in the Tory Party are too deep to be papered over and won't be.   Whatever the result I don't see David Cameron remaining as Prime Minister.   If vote 'Leave' wins then he will have to step down.    If vote 'Remain' wins then I predict he will be stepped down in favor of a more unifying leader.

The only thing the Conservatives have going for them is Corbyn.   His leadership of the Labour Party appears secure (notwithstanding their disastrous result in Scotland's Parliamentary elections a couple of weeks ago) but his problem in selling himself to the voting public is best summed up by the Pulitzer Prize winning columnist George Will in the Washington Post when he said ....  That year, Corbyn was elected to the House of Commons. He spent his next 32 years opposing the monarchy; writing columns for a communist newspaper; expressing admiration for Hugo Chávez, whose socialism propelled Venezuela toward today’s chaos; proposing that taxpayers should be permitted to opt out of paying for Britain’s army; advocating that Britain leave NATO and unilaterally scrap its nuclear deterrent; blaming NATO, meaning the United States, for Vladimir Putin’s war against Ukraine; calling the terrorist groups Hamas and Hezbollah “friends”; appearing with and funding Holocaust deniers and other anti-Semites; criticizing China’s Communist regime for deviationism in accepting some free markets; demanding that Tony Blair, the only Labour leader since 1976 to win a general election (three of them), be tried as a war criminal (for supporting the Iraq War); praising Iraqi insurgents killing Americans; and calling the killing of Osama bin Laden a “tragedy.” Along the way, Corbyn got divorced because his wife insisted on sending their eldest son to a selective school whose admissions policy recognized merit.

Who said politics is boring?


Anonymous said...

Wow...we have just bought a new pair of Doc Martins and are flailing around kicking anything in sight. The majority of this American's outpourings can be dismissed if I had the will and the time.

Interesting about supporting Chavez. Unfortunately like most of the media Corbyns crystal ball was in for service so has since said he had no idea that Chavez would turn cuckoo. No apologies from the many US and Brit leaders that supported Hussain, Assad, Ghaddafi et al though.

The other point he makes (not you, you are just the messenger) take your mind back to the Soviets installing missiles in Cuba which is only a few miles from the US mainland and the US immediate reaction.

Substitute Poland for Cuba and US for Russia and there you have the problem along with the Crimeans speaking Russian in the main.

Like your point on Peters addressing the Brits on Brexit you and the right wing journalists should limit your comments to local issues that you understand.

Lord Egbut Nobacon

Anonymous said...

interesting things polls. Most amazing conversations in pubs almost everyone is saying out including two I know whose business's depend on EU membership. Everyone is being super patriotic in company and anyone who does not want Spitfires over the white cliffs of Dover is shouted down.

How they vote on the day????....Probably vote for Truman. In Will Win.

Lord Egbut Nobacon

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... the Washington Post is hardly part of the GRW conspiracy. Conservatives have called the paper 'Pravada on the Potomac' while Hoover reportedly told LBJ "I don't have much influence with the Post because frankly I don't read it. I view it like the Daily Worker'. I agree you can dissect a particular statement in isolation in an attempt to disassemble the whole article but I think they need to be read as a whole. There are right wing nutters and left wing nutters and Corbyn falls neatly into the latter category.

As for Brexit. I don't have a great opinion on In vs Out ... unlike Peters. It's for you and yours to decide. But, whatever the outcome there will be consequences and I was attempting to portray the political consequences in my post.

I do enjoy these jousts. I don't enjoy some of the crap I see happening with the WT and the so called 'Veterans Kaupapa Inquiry'. It's a fraud aided and abetted by some quite dodgy lawyers who are afraid that their train might be running out of steam.

Anonymous said...

Welcome aboard ....There is the sublime and there is the ridiculous, but we are now past that. We are are in the realms of fantasy.

Two academics unable to speak Maori being questioned on some arcane bit of history by a Maori who spoke English at a Waitangi Tribunal hearing. The quite sensible judge said that Te reo Maori was not appropriate on this occasion...so some dickhead lawyer with snout firmly entrenched in the public trough has decided to appeal through the Military veterans travelling circus.


[1] This is an application for judicial review of a decision of the Waitangi Tribunal (the Tribunal) directing that the applicant’s counsel in proceedings before the Tribunal was not entitled to cross-examine two English speaking witnesses in te reo Māori. The applicant submits that the Tribunal’s decision is wrong in law in that it does not comply with s 4 of the Māori Language Act 1987 (the Act). The applicant is supported in that contention by both the second respondent, the Attorney-General, and the intervener, Te Taura Whiri I te reo Māori. The first respondent, the Tribunal, abides the decision of the Court.

The Veteran said...

That about sums up the whole charade and farce that the WT is (having fulfilled its mandate). Just why Crown Law (in the form of the Attorney-General) has seen fit to associate itself with the appeal fair escapes me.

For what it is worth I think this Inquiry and others (TPPA) are a total abuse of process by the WT. The only thing going for the MVKI is that there are some respected figures in Maoridom determined to set the record straight about many of the claims based on fantasy and the expectation of a Lotto size payout. I am particularly concerned the effect this is having on some of our more 'vulnerable' Maori veterans. Expectations are being raised. They will be dashed. That is wrong, wrong wrong.

Noel said...

I'm confused. I thought you mentioned the Knights were been sent in to tell the Tribunal where they were going wrong on the issued of 'Veterans Kaupapa Inquiry'?

Veterans " Expectations are being raised. They will be dashed."

Now here have I seen that before......hmmmmm