Wednesday, June 15, 2016


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With the success of the Fijian Ambassador in succeeding to the presidency of the United Nations General  Assembly I wonder if that is rough water ahead in Ms Clark's already dubious chances of getting the top job when Banki retires.

The office that Peter Thompson, Fiji's permanent representative has just been elected to, is largely ceremonial but with the decision looming to find the next sec gen being largely under the control of that office, H1 might need a life preserver
Given the current ongoing resentment from Frank over his emerging democratic efforts that were treated with such bullying from first Ms Clark and continued unchanged by Mr Key, this latest move must be of concern to H1 and her supporters.

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pdm said...

Hard to see Fiji supporting Clark. She had an opportunity to do so much for them and turned her back.

That chicken is now coming home to roost.