Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Let's TalkAbout The Important Issues

As Australia approaches a pivotal federal election of both houses in three days time, politicians home in on the key issues for the future of the country.

The national debt increases at an alarming rate, hundreds of thousands of people are out of work, electricity pries are sky high, major businesses fold each week, Islamic terrorists murder thirty to sixty people every day,.

So which one is the focus as the campaign comes to its denouement?

Why, both sides and the media can talk of no other issue but that of allowing Adam and Steve to get married.

I kid you not.

No wonder James Delingpole wrote not too long ago that "Australians have handed in their testicles"


David said...

The national debt increases at an alarming rate...

And yet is far lower (as a % of GDP) than many other developed nations; in fact we rank 13 in the G20, doing far better than the DisUnited Kingdom, France, Germany, USA, Japan, Italy, Canada, and even South Korea.

electricity pries are sky high

Which is out of the government's control, unless you think (as do I) that the Nation's electricity security is too important to be left to capitalists, and it should be nationalised.

major businesses fold each week,

Which is the very essence of capitalism, that business are destroyed and created, that products are destroyed and created. Even China, with its command economy, sees businesses rise and fall.

Islamic terrorists murder thirty to sixty people every day,

Not sure what you thing the Australian government can do about events outside our borders. We could invade a few countries, overthrow a government or two, establish a theocratic dictatorship. That's worked out well so far in Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Ethiopia, hasn't it?

And while you listened to Murdoch telling you the only worry was islamists, another 558 died from gun shot wounds in the USofA just this month!

Why, both sides and the media can talk of no other issue but that of allowing Adam and Steve to get married.

And here it is, the money shot, the bit that gets the Christians and the Muslims embracing in mutual hatred of "The Gay".

Tony Abbott wimped, he was afraid to nail his colours to the mast one way or the other, although we all knew he would do as The Pope instructed him. Turnbull had the chance to be a Man for all Seasons and squash the haters and wreckers, the right wing fundagellicals that despise human rights and only want religious rights, meaning their religion gets all the rights.

21 Nations have already legislated for Marriage Equality. The Sun still rises and sets, Cats are not marrying Dogs, Christians are not being thrown in jail (much to the dismay of some of the wannabe martyrs among them).

I have yet to hear a single, coherent, logical argument against Marriage Equality. So, here you go, Adolf, your chance to shine, by making a coherent and logical argument, not one that simply relies on invoking ancient scribblings.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


You are the only person I know who can waste a thousand words ignoring the point of a post.

You should stick to selling Lotto.

Redbaiter said...

Under normal circumstances, you'd be right Adolf, in saying its no big deal.

Except the circumstances are not normal, and same sex marriage must be stopped for reasons that are obvious to anyone who reads about left wing strategies and not just National or Liberal Party internal memos written by political halfwits, or mainstream media advocacy for the issue written by similarly brain dead dupes.

(Or stupid unknowing Nat party Progressive kiss arses like Cameron Slater on their low information blogs.)

Ask yourself why its supposedly such a big deal for homosexuals when in fact very few of them take advantage of marriage once its been legitimized?

Ask yourself why so many homosexuals of a more right wing persuasion are not that invested?

Ask yourself why in most cases its pushed by the left, or the "progressive" political faction?

Ask yourself why homosexual issues are so closely tied to left wing politics, to the extent that after the Orlando nightclub massacre, thousands of homosexuals marched through town behind a huge banner saying "Stop Republican hate"?

This is after a registered Democrat acting on behalf of ISIS was responsible.

What explains all this?

I'll tell you. Its not about homosexual marriage, its just another attack on our traditional society from the revolutionary left who want our current society broken down and replaced with the Progressive/ Marxist model.

They want what they see as traditional white power structures replaced by a new society, and anything they can do to destroy tradition, and especially its foundation stone, the patriarchal marriage, is seen as helpful in meeting that objective.

They want us weak, they want us divided, they want us confused, they want us battling with each other, because the more of this, the easier it is for them to break our traditional society down. Overturning the definition of marriage is a massive psychological victory for them.

They must be stopped. That is why we must protect and respect traditional marriage. Too late for NZ, but then it's been too late for NZ for some time on a number of fronts, especially since Chicom Johnny Key and his progressive faction took control of the Nats.

I'm hoping it will be stopped in Australia. They're not as far down the commie tube as NZ, and even though there is a vociferous left wing political faction, there is also a quite powerful Conservative faction.

Not that it will be easy, but it is possible that the left will get their arses kicked on this, although it hinges on a lot of outcomes that are too numerous to discuss here.

David said...

So, Adolf, what was the point?

Just take your favourite rag, the Australian today. A few headlines:

After ALP, this is loose change
Horse has bolted for Shorten.
Botched gotcha moment for ALP.
It's showdown time for Shorten
Bishop plan for Lib backlash
The hypocrisy of Bill Shorten.

Seems as though the Oz has a fixation on Shorten, not Marriage Equality.

But, back to you and your anti Gay fervour - just what is the problem with letting Adam marry Steve? After all, before "The Flood" it was all gay men having sex and making babies. (St)eve was created from Adam's rib, meaning that he was a clone of Adam, so most assuredly male, not female. :-) It must be true, The Bible tells me so.

David said...

Aaaaaannnd here comes "Worried from Tauranga" with the same old mantra. Things have always been the way they've always been and don't let anyone change anything.

Keep it up Rusty, you're the best entertainment since Fredd Dagg retired.

paul scott said...

The biggest shag up I can see is that this double dissolution is going to leave yet another absurd Senate. Australians are over burdened by Governing bodies,and various voting systems. The final seats in the Senate come down to negative votes for Labour and the Coalition. That is @ I like driving cars, shooting and sex with Pauline Hansen party. This with a Green or two means no substantial legislation getting though, and a continued dissection [ hone in ] on social issues.
I was going to add my story about men in women's toilets, but since Redis here, maybe another day.

Gerald said...

David said
"I have yet to hear a single, coherent, logical argument against Marriage Equality. So, here you go, Adolf, your chance to shine, by making a coherent and logical argument, not one that simply relies on invoking ancient scribblings".

And Adolf replied

"You are the only person I know who can waste a thousand words ignoring the point of a post."

See David you cannot use the word logical when communicating with a dolt.

paul scott said...

The post is not about marriage equality. It is about side track social issues in the election. There are girls toilet sites elsewhere Gerald and David [ names pronounced with a soft lilting voice ] , this isn't one of them.

Redbaiter said...

Another hint that Same Sex Marriage is more important to people than a lot of our Prog politicians realise.

Redbaiter said...

Click here.

David said...

Yep, Andrew Bolt, the font of all wisdom. Jesusonawakeboard.

Worried of Tauranga is afraid he'll be forced to marry a cat.

Strange, but as far as I know, Worried of Tauranga lives in NZ where same sex marriage is legal and the sky hasn't fallen in.

Time for you troglodytes to move aside allow society to progress.