Friday, June 17, 2016


A few hours ago Jo Cox, MP for Batley and Spen, was shot and killed by a maniac who is reported to have uttered the words 'Britain First' or 'put Britain First' as he confronted her.

I have previously opined that debate in the referendum campaign has descended into the shrill and ugly.     This incident is a reflection of that debate.    Sure the stakes are high but for this to happen is a sad reflection on society.

Jo Cox was an MP with a future.   The 41 yo mother of two and Cambridge University graduate had previously worked for Oxfam and the Save the Children's Fund before being elected to Parliament last year.    Her life experiences; in Darfur where she saw women repeatedly raped and in Uganda where she saw child soldiers given kalashnikovs and ordered to kill their own families, made her determined to fight to right injustices wherever they occurred.

RIP Jo Cox.

Both sides have suspended campaigning.   It should have never come to this.


Anonymous said...

"is reported to have uttered the words 'Britain First' or 'put Britain First' as he confronted her."

That's appears to be untrue.

The Veteran said...

Anon ... that's not the recollection of Clarke Rothwell, eyewitness to the attack. You can see him at

Anonymous said...

And of course nothing on Breitbart is ever wrong...

The Veteran said...

You miss my point. The rhetoric on both sides in the referendum debate has been ratcheted up to the point where something like this was almost inevitable. Pretty much the same in the US too in the Trump vs Clinton debate. NZL is not immune from that either. We've all seen posts where the level of invective directed against H1 and JK is pretty extreme by any measure. Go to Bomber Bradbury's blog and you see it every day.

I am partisan in my views but I can respect views on the other side of the political divide sincerely held. As such I reject the Goldwater dictum that 'moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue while extremism in the pursuit of liberty is no vice' (actually the words of Karl Hess, his speech-writer). When extremism is in play the law of unintended consequences follows.

pdm said...

Her death is a tragedy where zealots on both sides of this argument seem to have completely lost the plot. I had never heard of Jo Cox before 6am this morning but from what I have seen and heard since then she was a rare politician who in a short time had earned respect from both sides of the UK political spectrum.

RIP Joe Cox

To my my shame I must add that when (half asleep) at 6am I thought they said Joe Cocker.

Anonymous said...

Not Maniac Veteran...radicalised. Just another friendless crazy locking himself away in a dark room with the internet and using hates sites/blogs

He found the peg to hang his hat and there is no end of sites that gave him justification for his evil deed.

It is not the case where if you are white anglo saxon you are a maniac and if you are Muslim you are "radicalised".

Some of the posters on this blog may ponder this point before spewing forth their hate filled invective....someone out there will believe you and act because in his warped mind he is anxious to please his mentors.

This is personal to me as an MP I am acquainted with was wounded in a Samurai sword attack and his aide killed at his Cheltenham (UK) office.......

Google Jo's maiden speech in parliament and see what the world lost.

Lord Egbut Nobacon.

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... you said "He found the peg to hang his hat and there is no end of sites that gave him justification for his evil deed".

Indeed, my point exactly.

David said...

Just another day, just another terrorist attack, but the man is described as unstable, not radicalised. Nigel Farrage has blood on his hands for his stirring up of hatred of "the other".

And, the People's Choice Award for Worst Human Being goes to Sarah Palin for her stupidity in blaming Jo Cox for own death. Apparently Cox brought this on herself because she didn't carry a 12G shottie! Is there any depths that the gun fetishists cannot sink to?

The Veteran said...

David ... Remain blaming Brexit, Brexit blaming Remain. Both, IMHO, are equally responsible.

As for Sarah Who ... an accident from the dustbin of history.

Anonymous said...

What the hell does unstable mean?