Monday, June 27, 2016


He has no option.   Tom Watson, Labour's Deputy leader and up until now, loyal to an echo, has told him that he has lost the confidence of the Parliamentary Labour Party.

Never mind that Corbyn is the darling of Labour's left wing activist base and their surrogate stalking horse 'Momentum'.    If you lose the confidence of your parliamentary colleagues the activist base matters nowt ... sure you can hang tough and claim that you have a mandate from the wider Party; you can even call for a new election, stand and win, but it will be a Pyrrhic victory.    A hopelessly divided parliamentary team and it's a recipe for electoral disaster.

The Tories too have their issues but I suspect they are savvy enough to sort out their leadership wrangles behind closed doors.  

Hat-tip.   Stick the name Dan Jarvis in your memory banks.    Jarvis is 44 YO and MP for Barnsley Central.    Ex Major in the Parachute Regiment, served in Kosevo, Iraq and Afghanistan, decorated.     Tipped by Labour insiders as someone to watch and was, for a time, Shadow Youth Justice and Victims Minister under David Miliband.      My contacts in the UK military speak highly of him.  


Anonymous said...

Interesting that those who have left or been sacked are the very same champagne socialists that you were putting the boot into not long ago. These are the sort of people over educated and under experienced in real life, most never having held down a meaningful job, that the voting public are sick of. Benn lost all credibility when he tried, unsuccessfully, to have a 200 year old footpath near his 6 million pound pile closed to the public on the basis they could see his house,,,,wanker.

People are pissed off with the political classes across the divide and want real people in power who do not lie to them ...That counts Trump out.

If I read the runes correctly the labour membership will vote Corbyn back with a bigger majority.

All in all it's much more interesting in Westminster than the Beehive where all the excitement revolves around Ron Marx (typo) stick his middle digit up to the opposition.

Lord Egbut

Psycho Milt said...

The guy who was elected by an overwhelming majority of the party's membership less than a year ago should quit? Why would he do that? The people in the shit are the MPs who've effectively just told the party's membership to get fucked but are going to have to ask that membership to get them re-elected if/when the government calls an early election. They might as well quit now and save themselves the embarrassment.

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... whether those wanting Corbyn out are champagne socialists or not is hardly the point. The reality is that when a leader has lost the confidence of his peers then it's all over rover. Actually I think you're right in that Corbyn will face down the PLP, stand again and win ... with the Tory Party cheering him every step of the way.

I agree blood sports are 'interesting'.

Anonymous said...

Well I have to say that things are certainly interesting. This becoming an exercise in democracy with the vast majority of MPs backing the no confidence vote. However Mr Corbyn, the only senior MP who has NEVER lied to gain advantage has given them all the Agincourt salute and said "I was elected by the people, only the people can remove me"

Fair comment would you not think.

Lord Egbut

Johno said...

Possibly fair, but is it for the good of the Party? Corbyn grimly clinging to the sinking wreckage?