Wednesday, June 1, 2016


A serial trougher with his snout securely fixed in the public funded trough that is the Nelson Marlborough DHB, one Dr Rob Beaglehole has mounted his taxpayer funded  steed and launched an attack on Richie McCaw, for earning income from product endorsements.

Now Mr McCaw, after putting his body and health on the line for well over a decade as he brought great mana and prestige to his country now has to find new income streams while good old Beags just rolls on at his trough where he does not have to suffer any discomfort while his taxpayer funded income stream just grows year on year along with a very attractive taxpayer funded retirement eldorado.

So,  a young male patient presents at a DHB facility with badly decayed teeth clutching a bottle of fizzy drink, that Mr McCaw endorses as he attempts to remain a free market entrepreneur and who will be paying an eye watering sum of  tax all the along the way. Tax that will be misappropriated by an army of bureaucrats intent on enjoying a lifetime of troughing that needs increasing piles of dosh to fund.

Last time I checked fizzy drinks were an entirely legal product and because the little All Black aspirant  likes to drink the sh*t tooth decaying product under  the dependent al beit hopeless negligent oversight of his drop-kick parents, suddenly it is all Mr McCaw's fault.

Get a fucking life you publically funded moron, the brat is an unwitting author of his misfortune and his drop-kick parents/carers (the bloody irony in that description is an indictment in itself) should be in court for child neglect, failing to provide the necessities of life and giving life threatening product to a minor.
You Mr Moronic Beaglehole should be the one pressing for the charges to be laid where the destructive behaviour originated and get the hell out of Mr McCaw's life as he accumulates the rewards he so richly deserves and has worked bloody hard to access.


Anonymous said...

Plumbing new depths here Dodger, milk quota down again?

Lord Egbut

gravedodger said...

You have lost me Milord, totally.

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... NZL doesn't have quotas for milk and the latest global dairy price auction was up for the second successive round ... beef and sheep doing much better though. Up here in the North it was the best growing season in 14 years.

Anonymous said...

Sorry removed the spam posting about easy loans. It now makes mine seem silly. Better remove mine. Who removed it?????

Lord Egbut