Wednesday, June 29, 2016


In my second degree of separation circle is a young man with wife and two children who was told last August he had weeks to live, melonoma.

With the assistance of many, he soon managed to access Keytruda, three weeks for $13 000 to be cleared in the suppliers bank account before delivery every 21 days, do the maths.

I am informed the results were outstanding to the point where he was out hunting and shooting by years end but his Medical team advised recently there was no more benefit to be gained from the drug that had raised hopes so dramatically.

It would be very interesting to know at what price Merk Sharpe Dohme  have settled with Pharmac for access to  New Zealand with their wonder drug.
The company that required a dinner meeting with the temporary leader of the NZLP in a blatant attempt to subvert  our world leading protocol in retort to the drug barons ( the lawful ones) in their manipulation of drug pricing.


Psycho Milt said...

...the NZLP in a blatant attempt to subvert our world leading protocol...

Those fiends! Good job we can rely on the National Party never to do that... oh, wait...

gravedodger said...

Yep Milt, Judith Collins has a cuppa with her husbands Chinese company with no attempt at secrecy and she should have been Hung after a forced resignation. A company that is a minor player in our Dairy Trade with China under some pressure at that time in international pricing and under a scurrilous attack from a demented prick with an axe to grind over an alternative to 1080 that he stood to gain muchly from by closing down 1080 use.

Littles Dine and Dance was at Frazer House, the NZLP HQ where a degree of secrecy was implicit, with execs of Merk Sharpe and Dohme who are among the biggest players in international pharmacuticals and it was all kosher.
Come on, they knew they had a head of steam building for Keytruda and upcoming negotiations to access the NZ market with it, due to some spectacular if spasmodic success in individual patients. Why not initiate some attack lines for use under parliamentary privilege to aid their cause.

Perhaps someone needs to try and get The Little Busted to understand when something really does stink to high heaven, it might assist in his defence of the possible bankrupting defamation case he could have so easily avoided entirely.

Psycho Milt said...

You mean, that time Judith Collins used her position as Minister to promote her husband's business in China? Well, yeah, she should have been sacked for that. But I was actually referring to National's playing politics with Herceptin back when it was in Opposition - doesn't leave any high horse to get up on now, does it?

JC said...

"But I was actually referring to National's playing politics with Herceptin back when it was in Opposition - doesn't leave any high horse to get up on now, does it?"

But hardly the same circumstance though.

Pharmac had already approved the drug but only for 9 weeks as opposed to best practice in 33 other OECD countries of 52 weeks. The Nats campaigned on this extended time.

But yes.. the Nats were wrong to do so.